A4 size tax receipt now needed for ARC renewal

Others have probably already encountered this but I thought a heads up is in order. The last few years, I have needed a tax receipt for ARC renewal but the little strip receipt from the bottom of the return was acceptable. This year I am told that I have to return to the tax office with my strip receipt and obtain a full statement of gross wages and taxes paid. It’s an A4 blue form chopped and on special paper. I don’t know if they will give you one when you file and pay but it would save a trip back to the tax office if you can get it then.

Yes, this is routine now (EDIT – for renewing the work permit, not the ARC itself). BTW, you can ask them to mail it to you, and yes, you can (and should) routinely get it when you file and pay.

Is this just for people holding work permits or all ARC holders?

Mine was required by the Council of Labor Affairs at the work permit renewal stage, and not at the ARC renewal point.

I’ve never been required to provide tax receipts of any kind for renewing my JFRV / ARC.

This point has always confused me. Since both happen at the same time, at least in my experience, I just don’t see the distinction. Work Permit and ARC occur together. Since I need it for work permit which will soon allow me an ARC, I assume that Dragonbones is 100% correct but is it a difference without signicance? You gotta get it these days. But Dragonbones knows his way around the intricacies and I think he is right about this point. However, it’s still needed and apparantly getting it upon filing is a great suggestion. My trip back to the tax office today was a hot and seemingly useless excursion. It’s nice to live in a technologically developed country that still requires at least 10 pieces of paper annually for each person getting an ARC. Sarcasm!

EDIT: And then back to the MV to renew my driver’s license for another year, instead of 6 which is allowed locals, and pay for my insurance and renew my plate tab. Don’t forget to get your eco tab on your plate. It’s always respected as green plated 50 cc scoots on their last leg blow fumes in my face at every red light. OK. end of rant. Damn! I seem like I have a part time job just to keep government workers busy.

The distinction is significant because not everyone’s ARC is based on a work permit. Some are based on investment or joining family (e.g., marriage). So for them, the tax doc is presumably not required (I’ve not renewed my new JFRV-based ARC yet, but have not heard that I will need the tax doc).

Sorry, Dragon. I wasn’t picking on you. Just a damn hard day. I don’t take days off so this meant a day off without pay and I feel that I was simply taken advantage of through all the crap. Next beer is on me. Thanks for your input. Now, it’s over and I still have an evening off, I am now sipping (guzzling) a bottle of Glenlivet and starting to cool down. Thanks.

Same here.

I consistently lose my little strip receipts, but the good news is you don’t actually need them for anything – you can get refunds, certificates and so on at the tax office by just showing up with your ARC. So far as I can tell, the certificates are acceptable for everything the strips would be.

I never need to show tax receipts to renew my investor ARC.