Abandoned dog needs a home

A dog followed us home a month or so ago from the Number 4 Park in Jhonghe. We took him in and nursed him back to health, as he was ridiculously underfed. He was clearly owned before as he loves everyone he meets, and hasn’t been too much of a problem in the apartment. We’ve gotten permission from our landlord to keep him short term, but our building will not let us keep two dogs permanently (We already have one). We’ve had him neutered, done blood work (and he has no problems, woo hoo!) and he’s had his shots. He’s currently up to 9kg, but the vet thinks that we should aim for about 12kg.

If you live in the area, he would be a great addition to your family. He has already mastered ‘sit’ and he’s very good about only chewing dog toys. He loves to play, is good with kids, and loves other dogs.

You check him out at flickr.com/photos/40503520@N07/

Oh yeah, the vet thinks he’s around one or two years old.

Very handsome, he is!

Yeah, he’s adorable and his fur is really soft.

He’s really working on trusting people again. When we first took him in, he wouldn’t walk on a leash and he was afraid of getting on the elevator, but he learned how to do these things really quickly. I have a feeling that he was caged a lot before, because he paces in enclosed areas.

Well, Freebie is having his first home visit right now, so we’ll see how it goes. They seem to really like him, and they live close enough that we can still visit him, which is great.

Nice! Good luck, and good job. It’s not easy to hang in there waiting for a home to come up. :thumbsup:

Thanks! We should find out tonight if it will work out. The only downside is that our other dog is pretty lonely without his buddy. :frowning: Although, hopefully they’ll still get some play time in the park together.

Congratulations on the new home!

It’s official!!! The couple love him and want to keep him!!!