Abandoned Puppies:

Four (about 7-9 week old) puppies were abandoned at one of those portable coffee truck stands behind my neighborhood.

My SO isn’t into dogs…Can anyone help here?

The people running the coffee stand are feeding them, but there are several other large strays in the area and I’m worried they’ll become snack food.

What to do? :help:

Don’t worry about them becoming food for other strays. The others would have to be VERY hungry to do that. Older dogs may steal their food, though. It’s kind of late now, but perhaps tomorrow you could visit a few local vets and ask if they can help. They sometimes will keep them in a window for people to see and hopefully adopt. It’s worth a try. Also, snap pics and post 'em in the adoption forum. Try to handle them a lot to get them used to people. And if you are able to, take them for a check up, including bringing fresh poop along (I think not more than 6 hours old). Maybe the people at the coffee stand can help you collect some. And if you are financially able to, consider starting their vaccinations.

What LYD said.

That’s a tough one MJB. We get calls regularly from people who rescue puppies on the street, and we are unable to take them all under our care. It’s really challenging because it’s all a matter of money and manpower, something we greatly lack. So it makes it hard, read heartbreaking, to turn down people who care for animals like you do. It doesn’t mean that we do not appreciate the efforts put forth by individuals such as yourself.

In order to take 5 puppies under our care, we ask people to be financially liable for the animals until they are re-homed, and we ask for a down payment for three months worth of care which would add up to approx, 45 000 NT for 5 puppies. That’s because we do not have enough foster homes, so we have to pay for boarding fees. The 45 000NT down payment includes having the animals housed, fed, vaccinated and looked after health wise. Boarding fees represent our biggest financial burden as of now BTW. So like I said, you are in a tough position to care for these animals adequately.

Money rules this drama, and it’s a true shame because Taiwan doesn’t have government-funded infrastructures geared toward re-homing strays and abandoned animals.

Do what you’re able to do and you know what? It’s a lot better than nothing. :slight_smile:


Is it in an area with heavy traffic?

The chances of them getting run over are far higher than them getting harmed from the larger dogs. Grown up dogs are usually quite accepting of puppy silliness.

If they are by a road or something, see if you can’t move them to a place with less traffic, like a field or abandoned lot or something. Give em a cardboard box under some shelter and a towel to sleep on. And feed them everyday.

They’re really too young and not quick enough to avoid traffic at this age.

If you take them to the vet and get them checked out/vaccinated I can maybe foster one or two.
But I already have Ratso and her puppy, so I don’t think I would be able to take all four. Shots are also expensive(usually 800 per pup, three times + deworming), esp. for so many.

As an easier alternative, you can take them to a shelter near you

桃園縣阿貓阿狗愛心小站 0955-956562
桃園虎頭山頂收容所 0937946506 楊先生

this one in Inge
鶯歌收容所 02-26780217

this one is gov. owned, probably kill-shelter, of Taoyuan city.
桃園市公立收容所 03-3322983

I wouldn’t leave them on the street though. Can’t really imagine a worse death than having half of your body crushed by a car, then dragged along screaming till you die. And if they somehow manage to survive, in six months there’ll be like three more litters of sad, helpless little puppies.

Take some pictures and email them to me. I will post them up on the adoption websites.