Abandoned Senior Cocker Spaniel Desperately Needs a Home

[color=black]A Cocker Spaniel was rescued from Taipei’s mountains at the end of August and rushed to an animal hospital for immediate attention. Thanks to her registered electronic chip, the vet was able to trace and contact the owner, but unfortunately it was learned that the owner purposely ditched her 4 months ago miles from their home.

Although extremely exhausted, hungry and haggard from her ordeal surviving the brutal summer heat, humidity and typhoons, the dog is now recovering well and regaining her strength at the hospital. She is cleaning up her bowl and looking forward to putting on a few pounds. Fortunately, she does not have any serious illness or skin disease. Just some minor infection which is now being treated and cleared up by the medicine.

Unfortunately however, the dog has nowhere to go. She is an extremely well-mannered, mellow and affectionate light brown Cocker Spaniel and appears to be approximately 10-12 years of age. All she wants now is a stable home and some loving care for the twilight years of her life.

If you or someone you know have the will and room in your home and heart for this kind and loyal friend, please contact me (Eric) right away on my mobile phone 0916 137 942 or by email ekd@ms46.hinet.net.

Let’s try and make this sad story have a very happy ending !!! Thank you all for your kind consideration.[/color]

I went to see this dog today - she is a real sweetheart. Not a barking type of dog at all, feet like snowshoes, and big soulful eyes. Reminded me a lot of Richardm. :laughing: Seriously, if someone is looking for a little unconditional love, this dog is a good bet. She needs a home - she’s definitely not cut out for life on the streets. You can go take a look at her at the Kangfu Animal Hospital at the corner of Fuxing and Heping. The address is

Kangfu Animal Hospital
Ruian Street, Lane 135, #23

PS She doesn’t have a name, but she looks like a “Daisy” to me. Maybe because she’s as old as Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy”.

How does the Kangfu place work? Is it like an RSPCA/Animal shelter? That is - stray dogs get chipped, desexed, vaccinated etc when brought in?

I don’t think so - it’s just a veterinarian’s office/animal hospital. I first heard about this place years ago from Grandma Nitti’s Rainbow Lin. Kudos to the Original Poster, Eric, for recognizing the dog was in distress and saving her life.

[color=black]Hi everyone, first of all let me say thanks to any of you who may have passed the word or are trying to help out in anyway, including Maoman who gave us a big boost and was kind enough to visit on Monday. I am new to the Forumosa.com Community despite living here a good chunk of my life. Really impressive website.

Regarding the inquiry about KangFu Animal Hospital, it is just an ordinary or typical Animal Hospital in Taipei.

It is not a big place, but they have been around a while and it’s where I take my dog when it needs attention or maintenance. The place is run by a couple of doctors from Tai-da. They don’t speak much English but they probably can converse in Basic English if they have to.

When I brought the dog (Cocker Spaniel) in about a week ago, we immediately gave her some antibiotics, food and water. I of course had no idea of the status of her condition other than the fact that she was very weak and tired, so I told the vets to give her a more complete examination the following day (she is staying in one of the cages they have in the back room area).

The results of the exam were quite good considering her ordeal. No skin disease, injuries or serious illness. She was a little anemic, underweight and had some inflammation in her eyes. But thanks to the medicine, a regular and proper diet, and the fact that she is receiving attentive care she is looking and feeling much better and on her way to a successful recovery. She is no longer in any physical discomfort (at least as far as we know).

Even though this dog is a senior, she makes for it up more than you can imagine with her cute smile, angel eyes and unconditional love. I go see her everyday at lunch hour just to get a dose. But now she really does need a home. If you are curious or interested please feel free to visit her or contact me anytime (0916 137 942) or email ekd@ms46.hinet.net. I live and work near the hospital as well.

Thanks again for anything you can do.[/color]

[color=black]Just an update to let anyone curious know that a family will try out this dog for a couple weeks beginning this Saturday (Sep. 18). Hopefully, it will work out, but (as the family has advised) she is still available to any canine lover who can give her a home. Please feel free to contact me on the status or situation. Thanks.[/color]

Please keep us updated on how she goes with the family – and perhaps post the name and address of her evil ex-owner so I can collect my dogs’ poop for his letterbox!
Keep up the good work! :bravo:

Absolutely, I am pretty optimistic about it and she’s really made progress…weighed less than 5kg when I brought her in. Now she is up to 6.6 or 6.7kg.

As for a form of punshiment for the evil ex-owners, a friend of mine suggested that for a start they should be dropped on their own in a remote area blind-folded, naked and miles from any 7-11. Since there is no shortage of clever minds or sharp tacks at Forumosa, what do you think of the chances of revising and actually enforcing Taiwan’s Animal Protection Law :slight_smile:

What does the law actually state? My TW boyfriend seems to think if the dog is chipped, the “owners” should be liable for at least the medical costs, and maybe even a fine for abandoning the animal – is he being naive, bless him?

I agree the owner should be liable for medical costs and relocation costs and start up costs for the new owners. Also, getting the media to shame the former owner would be a great idea.

[quote=“Art. 30, 2. Penal Provisions, ROC Animal Protection Law”]

Article 30. Violators of any of the following shall be fined from NT$10,000 up to NT$50,000:

  1. Violators of Paragraph 3 of Article 5, who have abandoned their animals.[/quote]

The entire text can be found here: http://www.gio.gov.tw/info/98html/aplaw.htm

Would be interesting to see to what extent this law is actually implemented … :s

Well might be getting off topic now but here is a link summarizing Taiwan’s Animal Protection Law:


It does mention "Deserting, mistreating, torturing or causing distress to animals will incur a fine of NT$l0,000 to 50,000 (US$300-1,500). " But, unless they get caught in the act by relevant authorities how do you prosecute them. If someone accused this guy of deserting his dog which would result in some form of “punishment” I can picture him singing a new tune…“Oh thank you thank you I was looking all over for our dog day and night for weeks. Just ask my wife”. Afterwards who knows what sort of evil they will dream up next for the “trouble-maker”.

There is a hell of a lot of work that needs to be done for people to understand the responsibilties they have and also for authorities to enforce the law.

Thanks Xpet, and Eric, sure, the poor girl would end up quietly clubbed to death if she were “reunited with her distraught owners” :fume:

Which is why all we really need is the family’s name and address . . . I’d LOVE to mail them a shrink-wrapped dog turd with a little note “Wish You Were Here! Love Daisy” :smiling_imp:

Though I cannot take in another animal, I would be more than willing to help with any revenge. :smiling_imp:

OK, I guess we don