Abandoned travel bags outside NIA office

Hahha, I made you look.

No but for real today I went for another visa extension and there where around 5 pieces of baggage right outside, NIA in Nantou City, didn’t mind it when we get in at all, but when we left an official came out to chat with us about travelling to HK, then I notice the bags where still there, and told my chic to tell the lady about the bags but she dismissed me as crazy obviously “this is Taiwan, is very peace” but I reminded her about the Bomb Scare in the speed train, and she was still reluctant so I ask her “please just tell somebody I pushed you to tell them because I’m ridiculous” so she went , somebody came out to check, and we left.

I bet it was somebody’s taking care of their stuff inside but I’ll rather be ridiculous than later see on the news I didn’t do nothing about it.

Good man. :thumbsup: