Abandoned UFO village in Wanli

I mean if they’re like 1nt so they can get it off their hands or something, maybe I’ll buy my first property lol.

I’m surprised it’s not filled with homeless squatters and drugs addicts. I guess Taiwan is doing pretty good in those area since in most countries a place like this is probably going to a community of homeless and drug addicts.


You can get one for the price of a new lock, a bucket of paint and a skip rental lol

Here are some other photos I took
According to Google the style wasn’t popular, but I if I bought some land near a beach I’d totally have a house built in this style

Seems some have been demolished

Comfy BBQ area underneath?

In most other countries it would have become an artist’s village. Then a few coffee shops and restaurants would have opened up. Then some internet nerds would have moved in and sent property prices soaring.

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Because it’s prime beach front, in the US those houses - in any condition whatsoever - would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions). If they got in early, artists might have been able to live within ten blocks of them. Any casual restaurants would likely be portable food stands or trucks, same with coffee shops. Everything else would charge upscale prices because rent would be astronomical. Only very wealthy internet nerds would be able to afford that real estate.

Having an ocean beach for a backyard is gold in most of the western world. Just saying.

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My grandparents own a beachfront property close to Brisbane. they’ve tried to seal it a few times. Fell few a few times and they got money from that. I hope they dont sell though personally, it’s a nice plce.

That was what I was just saying.

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Guess I got sidetracked by the idea of artists living there. Inland of the sea, sure. Right on the beach, though, not going to happen.


It shouldn’t normally happen, but there is an opportunity in this case.

It’s a feasible commute to Taipei.

What the arty types need to do is buy first. They always cock that one up and then whine about gentrification later.

The waves look decent in the background. Would be a cool place to live if you enjoy surfing.

Oh you could probably rent there …Buying I’m guessing would be a different story cos of the land value.

this place still standing?

Yes, it’s still there. But you can’t go inside the pod houses. You can only photograph it from afar.