Abby needs a home!

Meet Abby.

She is an approximately 1 - 1 1/2 years old Golden Retriever with a great personality and possesses the "extras’ of being housebroken and able to ride a scooter. She loves car rides, children, other dogs and plays well.

I found Abby two weeks ago lying under a bench at the 7-11. She was a little thin and was dealing with some nasty skin issues. She was very friendly and once I spoke to her, she climbed up on the bench next to me and let me check her over. I went into the store to talk to the staff and no one seemed to know who she belonged to.They said that she had been there for two days. I came out of the store only to find her sitting on my scooter and refusing to get off. Needless to say, she came home with me and the next morning I took her to my Vet where he looked for a chip. No chip, which is surprising as he feels that she is a pure bred and had previously been well cared for. After deworming, ears treated and cleaned and medication given for her skin condition, I brought her home to foster until I can find her a suitable home.

Abby has had a litter in the past and as she was obviously way too young to have done so, the vet feels that she should be spayed as future litters will not bode well for her.

Abby is a beauty! Her fur is growing in very quickly, and she has put on weight. She is very energetic and will need someone who can give her time, a little patience and lots of love. Right now she behaves well but does tend to “grab and run” anything that looks interesting. She also is learning not to jump up on people, but her enthusiasm is slowing this bit down!
If you think that Abby may fit into your home and you are willing to have her spayed, please PM me. I am in Hualien but I’m sure that something can be arranged if you are out of the area.

Abby is a sweetheart!
Nicknamed “Lovebug”, she is absolutely wonderful with children and the Star of the show in a playground. [ very good at frisbee!]

Abby got a new home this evening! A friend place Abby’s picture and info on her blog two days ago and within hours she had responses! Now she will have a big back yard, run of the house and a wonderful owner who will exercise her daily and take her to work with her. She lives in the countryside, near Taroko Gorge and though it is a bit of a distance for her to travel, she will also consider bringing her to our weekly dog day afternoons at the park. Abby will also be spayed in the very near future.

I fostered Abby for nearly three months and she really became a part of my family. I miss her already.

One can’t ask for a better ending!!!

good news!!! blogs can spread the word about animal adoption, so please everyone “e-foster” some animals and put them on your blogs, websites, and online spaces. Remember “adopt, don’t buy”!

I had posted pictures and info about Abby all over,with very little response. It never occurred to me to ask Taiwanese friends to post her on their blogs - my friend did it on her own. The fact that she received responses so quickly gave me pause for thought. Blogging is really big here and the networks created are huge! In the future, I will ask ALL my friends to post my foster dogs on their blogs and websites. For me, this was an untapped resource!