ABC both parents Taiwanese

Hi guys,
Thanks for all the great posts on the subject, I did try going through this topic but did not see anything directly for my case. Can someone please give me some advice on what I need to do to get my citizenship and national Id card? Both of my parents are Taiwanese who moved to the US. I have worked in Taiwan for the last two years on a ARC and want to apply for citizenship. I was also born in 1983. My grandparents and relatives are all still here as well.

In this case, am I already a Taiwanese citizen since my parents are? Also since I was born in 1983 I won’t b drafted if I apply for the 4 month in/out? Do I need to give up the us citizenship in this case?

You are already a national of the Republic of China; you were born with dual nationality though you have not exercised this. There is no such thing as citizenship under ROC law. The closest thing that approximates this is household registration. To obtain this, you will need to return to the US to get a ROC passport with an overseas stamp in it and apply for residency in Taiwan as your parents’ lineal descendant. Then you must reside in Taiwan under that status (you will get a TARC, which is almost identical to the ARC) for one continuous year, 270 days per year for 3 years, or 183 days per calendar year for 5 years. Once this residency duration is met you can then establish household registration and with household registration you are entitled to an ID card.

Since you were born a ROC national and are not getting naturalized, there is no need to give up US citizenship. You won’t be drafted if you leave Taiwan at least once every four months. A proposed amendment to the Immigration Law will remove the residency duration requirements for your case - I posted another thread on this topic.

Thanks so much gnaij!! Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Can I apply for the passport from Taiwan without going back to the US to apply? Also the previous three years wouldn’t count towards the residency requirements? Whats the latest with the amendment?

Also what documents would I need?