Abortion in Taiwan without husband's consent?

Just a Random question, hypothetically speaking , Is there actually a penalty for Married Taiwanese woman that has an abortion without the husband’s consent? If so What is it and is it ever actually inforced?

Usuallly divorce bought on the by the husband lol

Many girls and woman have abortions in Taiwan.

I don’t know if there is a penalty, however, the clinic may refuse service. Generally speaking, the clinic will ask that the husband/boyfriend/or even the girl’s father show up to sign a consent form before performing the abortion. Of course, there’s no way to verify if the male that shows up really is the boyfriend, but nonetheless, a male has to show up to sign.

If it got found or someone tips it off, the married women may get ‘criminal’ penalty. But usually such kind of minor crimes will only be convicted with probation of execution or some amout of fines in exchange of non-guiltiness.