Abortion in Taiwan

I would venture to suggest that anyone who argues against abortion while claiming not to be religious does not actually understand why they hold their opinion, since all the ideas about human sanctity come from a religious ethos, thus the heavy hitting in my long post above. I feel that you are typical of the self-confessed agnostic type, or the ideal atheist who yet cannot help but conceive of the world from within the ageless mindsets informing all of our cultural presumptions… If you have any idea about why people feel strongly about their convictions, a lot of that feeling is simply inherited from our mythic systems of belief; the point here is that while many of us profess to be atheistic and independently-minded, yet our personal moral ethic remains inevitably rooted in the codes of our religous heritage… That said, I would agree with your no-nonsense, commonsense approach to doing everything to minimize pain, strife and idiocy… I am a MAN, so I can use drugs by the way. That’s my choice.

And about women, whom I know some of you assume I don’t understand at all, here is my credo: if she wants you to love her – that’s her choice – then love her. She is free to use her body for pleasure if she needs it. If a woman wants to do what she wants to do – then nobody should stop her. The time of male control is over, my friend. Freedom for the female gender is overdue… Face it: marriage is obsolete but for those oddball consumer-cases who thrive on worry and needing to get deeply into monetary debt. I say: freedom BEFORE the forfeiture of all natural appetite…

My mother reminded me of this paradox of life, only a few days ago, over the phone, when she said that you cannot stop worrying over your children… I laughed and said, well, I don’t worry much about myself at all, and I’ve coped easily enough since I was eighteen… Then I said, now, why would I want to have children if all I’m going to get for it is worry? I don’t want to worry about anything after the thrill of my procreativity chases me out the door – before I can drink all my money away – to get another job…

I just want to go off and write a few novels and die. Is that a crime? If my own lover had an abortion, and were I to tell you everything about that experience, would it help you to understand that each one of us is a unique individual, and unlike one another in almost every respect?


Abortion isn't as cut and dried as you think here. Taiwanese women must get the consent of their spouses in order to obtain an abortion through the proper channels.

That’s not how it actually happens. Maybe most abortions in Taiwan are technically illegal, but it’s not dodgy back street doctors or anything.

Here’s how it actually happens:
My girlfriend had someone ask her with help getting an abortion. The woman in question didn’t want to tell her parents or her boyfriend. My girlfriend recommended her to her ‘Women’s Clinic’, which is the most famous one in her city, headed by an ex-Taida doctor with a great reputation. A male friend of my girlfriend witnessed and signed soemthing (not sure what exactly). He didn’t even know the woman having the abortion. It was 6000NT.


If you ever to Bali, go to the Neka Art Museum right outside of Ubud (across the road from Naughty Nuri’s).
There are a number of traditional Balinese paintings depicting sinners being “chastised” in Hell. The worst sinners are believed to be women who’ve had abortions. They are shown being tortured by babies.