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Welcome to the discussion section! Kindly let us know your opinions on night markets in Taiwan, which night market you prefer the most and why? Why is the reason that you like this market?
Such as food, the atmosphere, the service…
And could u provide some suggestions for us?
Thank you for your participation!


i heard theres a new one in banqiao…is it true?


I personally think Ningxia Night Market in Taipei is among the better ones. It’s rather clean and has lots of variety in food.


ningxia is great if you’re just looking for food.

shilin went to shit after they moved the food stalls underground.

raohe is still decent.


Shung cheng Jie is the best in Taipei for authentic Taiwanese food. Very good quality and clean as well.
Not really a night market but might food.

Ningnxia is also pretty good with some interesting restaurants in the area.

JIngmei night market wins record of most unimproved.


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Yes, a new one opened up last month in the Jiangzicui area (where Minsheng meets Huanhe Road).

There’s nothing really unique there, just the usual night market food stalls and amusements so it’s not really worth a special trip. First weekend was - as you’d expect - total bedlam, but crowds dropped off significantly after that, probably as word spread that it’s kinda meh.


My favorite is Raohe Street, but I also like Linjiang Street (a.k.a. Tonghua Street), and Jingmei. Xinzhuang Night Market seems interesting; I should visit it again.


thanks. i will check it out.

its in a pretty weird location though. seems its up the road from xinpu station, which is not really close to anything. thats a decent walk. and theres another night market literally 5 minutes away. which is also not really close either, so i don’t bother with it.

its quite annoying to have 3 inconvenient night markets in banqiao. i just end up going to night markets in other districts pretty much. i mean this is right next to the river, whats the deal with that?


Yeah it’s not convenient to get to, I’ve only been because I live nearby.

I guess it’s in this particular place because there’s a large area of undeveloped land available for it. Any land near a station will probably get turned into high rise condos.


finally checked it out on sunday. went to the river park as the weather was amazing, that river park area is pretty great. that night market is very close to the river park entrance. seems like the only time i would go there is if i went to that park.

i actually found quite a few different foods i haven’t found before in that night market. everything i ate was pretty good too. the layout is really lame though, feels rough and too cramped. foodwise its good but otherwise… no.