About tax refund in taiwan


Somebody will answer my questions??

I worked in Taiwan last 2008 from Sept 1, 2008 to Dec. 16 2008… we actually sent back home due to global financial crisis… Do I have still a tax refund for that period of time??? Hope to hear your answers guys… THanks…

Assuming you were earning an average salary for a factory worker for those 4 months, and you were paying tax at the 20% rate, I think you’d be able to claim all that tax back, or almost all of it. Your first NT$124,000 earned each year is tax-free and after that it’s 6%.

Find someone you trust who can file a tax return in Taiwan for you. You need to sign a form appointing that person as a proxy and another form to allow the tax office to issue an uncrossed check. The proxy files the tax return along with the 2 forms and a copy of your passport. When the tax refund check is issued, the proxy can pay that check into their own bank account and wire the money to your bank account overseas. (Remember that an NT$ check is virtually useless outside Taiwan.)

The process isn’t actually as hard as it sounds. PM me if you need more information