Recently, I have been thinking of getting my hands on a bottle of Absinthe. However, I have a few questions that I hope can be answered about la fee verte.

Beforehand, I must apologize. The question mark key on my laptop doesn’t work. (I think my computer already has all the answers.)

Has anyone ever tried absinthe. And if so, what was it like!Physically, psychologically, emotionally, etc… :rainbow:
Also, any good stories about your neighbours best~friends second cousin would be good.

Is there anything I should be aware of before I give er a go

How do you prepare it

Is it legal in Taiwan
(I contacted an wholesaler over the Internet http://www.absinth.com and they assured me that I would be able to get it shipped here. But I would like to be sure®) :s

I must admit that I do enjoy mind altering substances. If only to satisfy my curiosity or an infrequent escape, but I also like to know what I am getting myself into. :wink: [/url]

Yes. A friend of mine bought some in the UK and brought it to the US. Legally, by the way.

I’ve tried two kinds: Hills, and some other brand I don’t remember.

Hills is a bright, artificially turquoisy-green, and tastes kind of like Pernod - very anise-like. High alcohol content.

The other was a darker, yellow-green with a few ounces of wormwood plant macerating in the bottle. It was more herbal than the Hills. Also high alcohol content.

Psychologically it was no different from any other high proof liquor. Gets you drunk.

I understand that there’s some debate over whether it was the wormwood that caused the problems a century ago that led to an alomst world-wide ban of absinthe, or whether the effects of the wormwood were an urban legend and it was actually the high alcohol content that led to the problems.

Is it legal in Taiwan
(I contacted an wholesaler over the Internet http://www.absinth.com and they assured me that I would be able to get it shipped here. But I would like to be sure®) :s

I must admit that I do enjoy mind altering substances. If only to satisfy my curiosity or an infrequent escape, but I also like to know what I am getting myself into. :wink: [/url][/quote]

No idea about legality here in TW. I know it’s legal in Spain and the Czech Republic, and is legally sold (but not manufactured) in the UK.

Let us know what you think of it after you receive it!

Sigh, that takes me far back in time. I drank it before the Berlin Wall fell in East-Berlin, right in the Palace of the Republic. There a friend of mine, quite a moderate right wing guy and me, being quite the opposite those days, were drinking with two East-Germans, one being a communist functionary.

We had endless beers and a lot of Absynthe. I felt extremly good, as if I am the king of my own goddamned kingdom, later we became very sleepy and slept right on the park bench in Commie-Berlin. This was a sensation those days and a crime there, as the police always walked around to make sure thinks are clean and orderly. Well, people gatered around us and admired our sleep. Normally I would never have done such a thing on “enemy territory”, but so I did.

Well, later we went to the victory-monument of the Russian army and … well… this thing were the soldier stand on a broken svastika. My friend from the conservative party did something there :astonished: which he normally would never done. It involves wearing a commie party shirt … and … the idiot made the Nazi-greeting, which would have gotten him (and probably me) 10 years into jail those days. I made a photo, still have it.

Afterwards we were sleeping again like dead on the hill right at the monument (I got another photo). We woke up when an East-German policeman came closer. He prentended not to have seen anything and we strolled off. God bless him.

Forgot to tell about the Russian delegation which came right after him.

So… when you drink it, do not be suprised to find yourself sitting on CSK’s lap right on the Taipei monument the next morning :smiley:

All true, I swear by my wife’s ricecooker.

Back in the mid 80’s I spent quite a bit of time in Europe. I did the vendange (wine harvest) 3 times, once in Suisse, and the other two times at a Chateau in the French department of Maine & Loire. The local farmers at the Chateau used to make Absinthe.

They did so VERY surreptitiously - as it is quite illegal in France to make the stuff these days. During both vendanges there were evenings, after the picking was done, and many glasses of rouge were tossed back, that a bottle of the Green Fairy would appear from a dark corner of the cave, and we’d set to drinking it. Quite a euphoric high. Amazing to see, after a few glasses, 70 year old french farmers rolling on the ground wrestling like school boys and howling at the moon. To me it was very hard to drink because it was so sweet, and anise isn’t my favorite flavor. Nice effect though, and I felt privileged to be sharing this “moonshine” with the locals. I’ve never met a Frenchman, besides this lot, who have ever tried the real deal, and some are even somewhat vague about what it is, if you ask them. On the other hand, Patis they know and love

Here are the best websites that I found during my Absinthe research a while back:

http://www.absinthebuyersguide.com/index.html This is an excellent, highly informative site authored by some true enthusiasts.

You can order absinthe here in Taiwan, and I can say the mind-altering effects may help you forget that you got screwed on the shipping prices.

I personally know that it is possible to ship absinthe to Taiwan, I have used the following sites and have bottles of Absinthe in my home:

Ships La Fee Absinthe, which can be purchased in Tesco in Britain, it is one my friends like the most. very green in color and has strong anise seed flavor other two

Ships the Mari Mayans absinthe, brewed in Ibiza, Spain, it is much like the La Fee Verte

Czech absinthe, with a more Herbal flavor than the other two

Also stocks Czech Absinthe including “King of Spirits” which has the highest thujone levels of vailable absinthes.

There are also some sites that sell packets of wormwood and the other herbs found in Absinthe that can be steeped in Vodka. The Absinthe produced is brown and has the Czech-like herbal taste.

Where can i find absinthe in Taiwan? Jasons? What is the best kind?

I checked out Breeze and and they had one type called La Fee or something, but no spoon and i dunno if they had cube sugar.

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Don’t need sugar or a spoon for the stuff you can buy here – its already very very sweet.

I’d like to know some details of the proper way to prepare it and enjoy it. Absynthe is available in bars all over the place, and I finally ordered one a few weeks ago. Either it was prepared wrong, or I just don’t like the flavour, because it was one of the worst drinks I’ve ever had.

It’s not supposed to taste good, just to make you drunk/high.

If I have to throw up, I’d rather do it after ten drinks than one.

You got a point there.

The only thing I have not been able to hold down so far is various homebrewed Kaoliangs.

Never had problem with absinth, except the expected ones… :smiley:

It’s basically just pastis, so if you don’t like the flavour of anise you’re not going to like absinthe. I find that the most pleasant way to drink it is as a long, not very strong drink, the same way people drink pastis. A shot of absinthe over ice, topped up with four or five parts water. Pure summertime.
I was given a shot in Bliss once and it was basically straight, like a shooter. Disgusting and a terrible waste of good liquor, if you ask me.

You have to mix absinthe with water. It’s the way it’s supposed to be drunk.

Yes. So what else is new. :wink: :laughing:

Bliss has it available, and their bartender knows how to prepare it properly. (That is, with the spoon, some water, and a bit of flaming sugar. Really. The show alone is worth it.)

Perhaps it would be better to sample it there first before going to a lot of trouble.

Carnegies has it too.

Really? Then why was i drinking vodka with bloody red bull last time I was there?


They had 2 bottles on the shelf last sunday.

Perhaps entering Carnegies not wearing beer goggles might help.