Abusive "Unknown Caller" Calls: Who to contact?

I’ve recently been receiving “unknown caller” phone calls at weird time of the day, and in a repetitive manner.
I didn’t think I had angered anybody enough to feel the need to do this, but, hey, the calls are happening.
I didn’t give a damn about it for a while but as the latest call featured a loud spitting noise, I decided this had to stop.

My network is Taiwan Dageda. I’m wondering which service should I reach to have them trace back these unknown calls.
Any ideas?

Your service provider can do nothing except offer you a new number if it keeps happening. This kind of shit is so common in Taiwan that if the cops went after all of them they would have no time left over for important tasks like the drinking of tea or the collecting of red envelopes.
The sad part is that the deluded shitforbrains who is doing this probably has the wrong number, or is stalking the person who was assigned that number before you. :unamused:

most likely it’s a scam …someone calling you to facilitate some transfer or similar type crap. There have been a lot of such calls. Ignore the unknown numbers on your cell phone … most people will understand.


More than referring it to the cops I was hoping to give him a phone call, shame him, and threaten him to go to the cops (who I am aware will indeed never do much).
Shame I can’t get my provider to disclose the number!

I never answer withheld numbers. Ever.