Accents that turn you on, etc

I’m I the only one, or does the Beijing accent when spoken by females sound attractive? I’ve also studied Korean and the southern accents (those from Pusan and Masan) sound very sexy to me. But this is a view shared by many Korean males that are more used to the standard, almost monotone dialect spoken in Seoul. While I’m on the subject, a Texas drawl by an attractive female is also something that I find appealing. I like the sound of Cantonese (I know I’m in a minority here) but it doesn’t at all sound sexy to me, just interesting.

I think Li3 Xin1jie2 :heart: , Winona Ryder and Halle Berry would be sexy in any accent! No, seriously, it depends on the speaker, not the accent. When spoken with grace, the Beijing accent is quite charming to me (I live in Taipei), but I’ve heard it come out pretty rough and boorish, too.

I love hearing people speak Korean (wouldn’t be able to recognize different accents though). Don’t understand a word and have almost given up my dream of ever studying it. But I like to hear it.

I keep falling for guys with a Northern English, Irish or Scottish accent :blush: (even Ryan Philippe with that (obviously fake) Scottish accent in Gosford Park :blush: :blush: :blush: )


Irish accent = GOAL. And Cantonese gets me going too, but that’s probably more a sentimental attachment to the language than anything ^_-.

Oh, and I couldn’t disagree more on the Beijing accent thing. I hate that accent. It’s the second ugliest accent I’ve ever heard next to the New Zealand one. Which is odd, me being a New Zealander…

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Although I like a lot of different accents, particularly the more lilting, melodious ones, Brazilian Portuguese is the best of the best for me. I was looking forward to watching the film Cidade de Deus but discovered my computer’s DVD player has broken :frowning: