Accommodation - Mt Hohuan (Hehuan Shan)

Oops, this is my third post on budget accommodation - please bear with me.

  1. Is there a cheaper place than the state-run “Hohuan Mansion” Hehuan Shan Zhuang at NT480/ bed with meals, in the vicinity of Mt Hohuan’s main peak? I can do without the meals :slight_smile:

  2. Is it possible travel from Taichung to Mt Hohuan by public transport in 1 day now that Highway 8 is not passable near Qing Shan?

I only have 1D and 1N for Mt Hohuan.

  1. If there is anyone who wants to drive from Taichung to Mt Hohuan (takes 3 hours) this Sunday-Monday, I would be glad to chip in the rental and petrol.


Assuming that it’s possible to make the drive up after the recent bad weather, Hohuanshan is hardly worth the bother, really – the road takes you nearly up to the top, so there’s not much climbing left to the summit. Maybe you could take an extra night and do Chilaishan instead, starting from the same set-off point?
As for accommodation cheaper than NT$500/night, I’m not sure – that’s already pretty cheap, IMO, and there’s nothing else up there, AFAIK. Even if you could find a guesthouse further down, it probably wouldn’t be any cheaper.
Camping would be an option, of course, although it means a heavier load to carry.