Accommodation vouchers?

Make sure you check if the hostel/hostel accepts them.

I’m heading down to Taichung for Christmas and noticed a lot of Taichung hotels do not accept them when looking for accommodation.

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So the noodles shop laoban is not playing a prank on me, just giving me monopoly money. Good to know!

I was very confused by this.

The noodle shop gave you this?

Now, I’m confused.

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Yes. I had lunch, paid and got this along with the change. I always thought that the guy liked me (a foreigner who keeps coming to my shop!).

Admins, mods, and other gay people: Please don’t remove the previous post even if someone gets triggered by my assumptions. Thanks!

You can check the list of hotels in the following link

More information in the following link


Not surprised some won’t take it. There are some process for the business to redeem them, so for some it’s too mafan.

A lot of small business wouldn’t accept the stimulus voucher for this reason too.

I actually used the stimulus that if you used the 500NT, they’d gift you 50NT. I know some major chains were doing this, but almost no small businesses.

I think they have to wait til next year to be reimbursed for it. Big chains can wait to sit on it. Small businesses can’t

Who is eligible?

Where do we get them?

Wait are noncitizen residents eligible?

[Please don’t let us go through another round of discriminatory voucher debates… :stuck_out_tongue: ]


Yeah , foreigners can apply for these vouchers

sources and more information :

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So if we’re not favoured customers at Masala’s noodle house, where / how do we get these puppies?


Yeah, what’s the normal way of getting them? do you need to pay a 100NT and then you get 500?