According to popular YouTube vlogger China's golden age is over for foreigners

Serpentza, Just one guy walking the streets living off YouTube videos with one perspective sounding depressed.

“…now it’s incredibly uncomfortable for foreigners to live here… unless you’re just drunkin blind foolish… if you want to have a future here the writings on the wall there is no long term future for foreigners in China, not in the current political climate”

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Sigh, another “influencer”, sounds awfully like influenza.

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This guy is alright, sometimes I find out some interesting stuff but he does sound depressed af and always wears that suit which annoys me. I guess it’s “his thing” though.


He explained once or twice in earlier videos he wears a suit because he gets more attention and respect than wearing slippers and shorts. But he’s a slippers and shorts kind of guy.

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He might be looking at his past in China with rose-colored glasses. He is probably more aware of the overall environment now than he was when he arrived.


Still plenty of people to fill this opening.

he used to say don’t talk about politics, politics is boring and politics doesn’t effect your life in china in almost every video. um yea, there was no way to see this turn of events coming was there?

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Serpentza is my favorite YouTuber. The amount of abuse this guy gets is ridiculous just being a western vlogger in China…

His drone videos of Shenzhen are epic of themselves ,but he really gets under the belly of China and shows it warts and all.


you mean as a foreigner in china you already don’t get enough attention? its a stupid excuse. he used to wear a suit in south africa too. he just wants to look like a secret agent. he used to also say he was a doctor trainer instead of an english teacher and he always insists he is british when he is clearly south african. i don’t like him.

He has explained this as deflecting people from saying, “but you’re not black!”, followed by a prolonged backstory. This is China he’s living in, remember. It’s akin to Yanks saying they are Canucks while in Europe.

My wife and I like watching his Vlogs. I’ve learned to appreciate Taiwan and Taiwanese people because of them. If he wore a t-shirt and cargo shorts he’d get no end of flack from you fashion princesses out there.

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It’s incredibly difficult to do a vlog and speak the truth on China. His videos will be like documentaries in the future. I’ve also been impressed at the evolution of his film making skills , I will link to the shenzhen aerial video now.

Start at 6mins for the Shenzhen night scenes.


I have the impression he is kind of a loser, who unexpectedly found himself popular during the vlog explosion in China and then tried to recover from it and appear non-loser. Looks like he’s on his way back to loser by trying to expand outside of China. He has no personality and was only popular in China because it was unique in China. No one will care when he is outside of China with no special draw and competing with thousands of others doing similar things.

Bollocks, he’s not a loser and he’s done a great service for China teaching outsiders about it. He’s making a life for himself and he’s married to a hot chick?
His videography skills are impressive .

How is that a loser ?


Come on, no need to belittle other people to make yourself feel better.


He is not too bad, but in most videos I find a bit too descriptive instead of explanatory.

Examples, he mentioned a number of times foreigners cannot stay in most hotels, but why is that ? Or that foreigners cannot book high speed rail tickets as easily as locals, but why is that.

Or that, there are metal detectors in the metro in Shenzen, but why is it like that.

Anyway, I think many would get more out of his videos if he explained a bit why things are as they are in china instead of just describing how it is without the why

Why does he have to explain all that ? Also can he really go into that every time…Saying because it’s racism. Then he will be mercilessly attacked.


I agree that both him and C-milk look like losers but I actually like their dynamic in ADVChina.

Why do they look like losers exactly ?

Look at the video at 6mins above that I linked to

If you can do better show me!!


So, it is kind of weird that for domestic trains in china you need an ID card. Have you ever been asked to show ID when taking HSR from TP to Taichung ?

Likewise, it is kind of weird to have metal detectors in the MTR in a country as safe as china.

But not once, as far as I know, has he alluded on why they have any of the above, as an example.

Also, I dont think any of the above is due to racism. You think its due to racism?