Account deleted? Unable to log-in?

It’s probably my fault because I just screwed something up with our new admin panel. :blush: We prune users regularly, but what is supposed to get removed are
a) people who have registered but never activated their accounts,
b) people who haven’t logged in in over a year, and
c) people who have less than one post in a thousand days…

When I clicked on the remove users with less than one post in a thousand days, only one account (created by admin, named “test”) was supposed to have been deleted. I was unpleasantly surprised to realize that when I clicked the prune user function, some 489 accounts were affected. :help: I believe that most of them were reasonably inactive accounts, but I have already discovered at least one account (belonging to a friend of mine - sorry Timogan!) that deleted by error.

The only solution is to re-register. My deepest apologies, and I’ll take extra steps in the future to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. :frowning: Thanks for your understanding. :notworthy:

And you didn’t delete RichardM :fume: I think we all deserve an apology for that too.

Hi Maoman,

My account got deleted, the account name is taoyuan. I like this account name and would like to use it again - but the name is locked by the system. Is there any way to reactivate the account, or to free the account, so I can get it again?

I post this as a reply, because there might be others with the same problem…


Volker (taoyuan)

I registered three years ago, I am pretty proud of being a old member…and… and you just deleted me!!!


I am not either of any account you mentioned above.