Accurate belly fat scanner

This gadget presented at CES looks really cool.

It beats other body fat indicators on the market.

Problem is, it costs $189.

An accurate measurement from a device is cool, but isn’t worth $189 more than just wrapping a ruler around your waste. Wonder if you can get it for cheaper in Taiwan.

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But is it that accurate?

I think pinching around with the fat calipers is adequate for gauging body fat percentage, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to advance the technology…

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I see if I gained or lost fat by 1 simple technique. I look at my lower belly when I sit on the toilet. It’s easy to tell if you lost if gained fat.


I have two fingers and a full length mirror. They are the most accurate measure of my fat.

This is a fool and his money sort of toy…

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I can only imagine it being useful to a bodybuilder or other professional athlete who needs more specific data.

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Ah, still seeing the tip method :grin:

I’m allergic to gyms so I guess. LOL

You can buy a really nice bottle of whisky for that money.


True that. If your belly fat rolls when you sit down, you’re fat. Saved yerself $189.

I get the feeling some people who don’t know how to control their weight just like berating themselves. OMG, I’m fatter than I was last year. What shall I do? What shall I do? Better stop eating for a month again.

Or indeed several bottles of crap whisky.

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Just jump up and down and you can see your fat wiggle, indication that it’s too much.

BTW, belly fat and body fat is not the same. Too much belly fat is not healthy.

Obligatory, I suppose:


That’s why we need something specifically made to target belly fat.

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Crunches? Sit ups?

Sorry, sit-ups and crunches do nothing for belly fat. They may even make you look fatter since you’re building more muscle underneath your layer of fat.

Common misconception that I had to address to my clients as a personal trainer. Can’t really target fat loss.

The secret personal trainers don’t want you to know…

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The other is, working out is about 10% of losing fat. You can work out with me 7 days a week and it would make almost no difference unless you got the diet down.

Another is a lot of them are on enhancement drugs. Which I’m not against using, just the deception part of it.


I just happened to notice this last night. I did one of those elevated leg raises. My belly looked larger immediately afterwards.

I heard you can. Your belly is your energy storage, so it’s the last place that loses weight.

However, if you’re running and your heart rate is 75-90% of max for 15 minutes, you’re body thinks you’re running away from a bear and it’ll cut into your energy storage.

What I meant was something to specifically measure belly fat.

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Giving away trade secrets. Naughty lad you.