Accused of stealing

I a foreigner married to a taiwanese. after i leave his house because of domestic violence. he accused me of stealing a phone that i have been using . he wanted to buy the phone for me but his money is not enough so i give him a part of my money to buy the phone. now he accused me of stealing it after i have leave his house. may i ask anyone who have same situation to me can help and give me advice PS. i have a lawyer already to help me. the trail will be nextweek

So the phone was meant to be a gift? How can you steal something that is already yours?

is the SIM card # in your name (who pays the monthly cell phone bill)?

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Happens with pets here too, have to see whose name is on the chip in this case the sim, and as local I guess it’s his name. Welcome to Taiwan.

yes, and i have evidence to but he sue me…

the simcard is his name , but i pay it every months the phone bills. if i will not pay he will be angry. i had no choice but to pay ito

i have give back the simcard but the phone i use it and use another number

if he demands the phone, do you want to ruin the chances of a fair hearing?
give it back and buy a cheap under-NT$1000 phone at a store. don’t fight this small battle.
fight the big one: domestic violence

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i know but he already sue me and hearing will be next week. i will fight it because he buy the phone on his name because his money is not enough to buy the phone i give him money. then i pay it every month the phones bills including his credit card bills… this is not fair

How much have you got to pay the lawyer?
All for the phone?

Sounds like he’s being vengeful. Talk to the judge honestly and I bet you will have a good chance of fair treatment.

the lawyer is free, i ask the help of legal aid … i pay 6000 when we buy the phone but the phone bills every month i pay it including his phone bills and his credit card.

Give him the simcard and keep the phone

Is it a civil or criminal case?

yes i have given the simcard i keep the phone

Are you still married?
If yes, take his car and go on a vacation. There is no way this case can go anywhere within a marriage. To my understanding, once you are married everything belongs to a shared household, unless stipulated otherwise before the wedding.

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first, if you didn’t, fill a domestic violence lawsuit! I don’t know in Taiwan but domestic violence is really serious.


The case should be dismissed. You can not steal something from a household where you are part in. Mention that there is domestic violence charge filed and your husband is trying to file counter charges to limit your ability to communicate by phone.