Acer 4060 Recovery Woes :(

hey all, i need to pick your brains.

a friend of mine recently discovered her acer travelmate 4060 was infected with devils so she asked if i could fix it. i happily obliged and went through all the obvious routines (cleaning msconfig, reg scan, defrag, virus scan, uninstall crap, clean temp dirs, etc).

when I was finished it was still taking forever to boot / run applications so i decided on a system restore.

the laptop came with 2 cds that were meant to provide a full system backup combined with “acer e management” software. i ran the software, went to restore backup, and it asked for the 1st cd. when i put the cd in, it didnt recognize it, and asked for it again. same thing over and over…

i then checked the cd was readable, and dumped all the files onto c:. none are corrupt and the disk is without a scratch.

what can i do to get this thing running again? the backups are comprised of .ghs files which i searched for on the next. i was hoping there might be some sort of third party extraction tool, but, no dice.

any ideas or am i looking at having to obtain a new copy of xp?

thanks in advance


Why not drop it by the Acer teck store. They will fix it in 59 minutes (not counting the hr wait or the 3 days)

You could try copying the CD. May or may not help.

TravelMates often ship with recovery information stored on a hidden partition on the disk drive.

When you boot up the system you should see a message that says “Press [key] to enter system BIOS, press [key] for recovery” or something similar.

If you don’t see the recovery message, press the key to enter the BIOS, and then look for an option to “enable recovery” (or again words the that effect).

nice… i’ll try that and get back to you

thanks rik

the recovery mode was available in the bios - but was already enabled :frowning:

then, out of the blue my friend (whose laptop it is) rings me and says “i found another disk at home called boot something thingie. Do you need that too?” :noway:

anyway, it’ll all be working soon

thanks for all the ideas!


If the recovery mode is enabled already then you should be able to press the key while booting to get into the built-in recovery software. Should be F12 or maybe F10, if I remember right and it doesn’t change for each model.

Just if you want to do something while your waiting for the missing disc.

Important Note: Recovery CDs will completely replace everything currently on the drive. Back up everything you want to save first as it will be gone. (You need a full copy of XP to do ‘repair installs’ which only reinstall the system software and keep your files and applications.)

The advice given about the recovery partition is correct though the keys aren’t. Please see this document for details:

Acer eRecovery

The Acer support center has been very helpful to me. In Taipei they are located on Zhongxiao E. Rd. right where Bade Rd. merges in. They should be able to help you out if all else fails.