ACER Aspire 5820TG Screen Falling Apart

My screen on my Acer Aspire has started cracking around the outside rim and coming apart. The problem started when my baby slammed the lid shut. I need to find a replacement as I am out of my warranty period, and I doubt it would cover that anyway. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement?

Have you tried the repair shops around the computer market or the main station? I’m sure some of them would be able to help. I know there’s a shop near the computer market that specializes in notebook repairs. It’s located behind the antiques plaza, on the little road that goes on behind it, but on the opposite side of that road, shouldn’t be too hard to find. … 55,0,5.68

TYVM. I will check it out this week.

And you guys want me to get a smart phone. No technology can withstand the wrath of babies! Are there any good all risk extended warranties in Taiwan like the one Amazon offers in the states.’
I may need to get a smartphone, gps and maybe a Chinese English Dictionary. I’ll buy an I phone, smartphone or tablet if I can be protected against the scurge babies.

Oh my poor palm pilot… “Daddy… I washed you pda for you in the toilet”. Anger… frustration then looking into those cute well meaning eyes… what could I have done". (I actually wanted to get rid of that dinosaur).

Good luck with your laptop.