Acer Build Your Own Cloud- what's the point?

Being a long suffering Acer shareholder, does anybody know what is the point of ‘Build Your Own Cloud’? :loco:

Is it as dumb as it sounds or does it have a market?
Using your PC as a dataserver, that not a cloud but a back-up device right? It’s called ‘syncing’…so year 2000. :cactus:

I could see some angle in terms of privacy and interoperating systems (but Dropbox etc. also operates across systems), but you still need something that offers better connectivity and reliability as your cloud server than your own PC right?

If they promoted it to international human rights groups or drug networks I could see a business model! :popcorn:

Well the solution is easy, sell your Acer stock and start an international human rights group or a drug network. I’d suggest the international human rights group because drugs are too competitive and the they believe anything you say in human rights(the worst or more unbelievable the better.), just check the 3 cups of tea guy or the Cambodian lady who made up the sex trade stories.

It’s cloud alright. How is the current clound any different from ‘syncing’? That’s exactly what it is. The only difference is where the servers are located. The reason they’re pushing this is because they want a piece of the NSA-hating pie. The only problem is that it’s not really any more safe than current services since the software is closed source. In that sense it is dumb and doesn’t bring anything new to the table.