Acer tech question

Anyone know where I can find a downloadable copy of an Acer tech manual for a Travelmate 300 series notebook? Not the user manual. I need to get at the guts and maybe remove the battery so I can reset the bios.

BF -
i called up a friend over at acer in xizhi and asked if there any documentation he could pass on…

right off the bat, he said the TM 300 was discontinued 4 or so years ago… and, the way acer works, was probably only in production for a few months before the ‘model name’ was changed.

anyway, he couldn’t even find an old brochure - let alone a manual.
it sounded like, from your post, that you’re trying to crack the case and get at the mainboard :?: if that’s the case, i think a manual (of any sort) is the last place you’d want to look. no self-respecting computer company is going to ‘show’ a user how to take one of their laptops apart.
if i were you, and i didn’t want to go to a shop, i’d spend several hours googling - with my fingers crossed.
i’d very carefully take the whole thing apart myself, labelling the bits i’d removed for later re-use.
i’d just go buy a new computer (like a Mac, or at least a Dell)

sorry i couldn’t be more help