Ach! Zee Gut Old Days!

Personally, I don’t think Germans were responsible for this. The swastika is backwards and I can’t see a native German screwing something like that up. But, Hey! It’s the thought that counts, nicht war?

Smoke bomb thrown into Jewish kindergarten in Berlin

BERLIN (EJP)— A tragedy was avoided on Sunday after a smoke bomb, thrown through a window of a Jewish kindergarten in Berlin, failed to ignite.

However, the school, located in a northwest neighbourhood of the German capital, was not spared by the spray painting of swastikas, other Nazi symbols and anti-Semitic phrases, such as “Auschwitz,” “Juden Raus” (Jews, get out) and “Sieg Heil”, on its outer walls, as well as on toys that had been lying around in the school’s playground.

The attack happened exactly three months to day after a Croatian national broke into the Lauder Chabad School in Vienna, Austria, and systematically smashed windows and porcelain with a crowbar.

Stephan Kramer, secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has accused the Berlin State Senate as well as Berlin’s local Jewish community of not having taken the necessary precautions to help divert such an attack.

Kramer was embarrassed that rabbis from around the world that were present at the Torah inauguration ceremony, had to experience first hand what an anti-Semitic act in Germany meant. [/quote]

What can you do, there are crazy right-wingers all over the place.

All this wingism is poli sci/stat masturbation. It means absolutley nothing. There are no wings. It’s not about a straight line from right to left, or vice versa. The political spectrum resembles that of a rough, lumpy, mould of a sphere. Take either left or right to it’s extreme, and it crosses over unto to the other.
In other words, political divisions are not so much about one’s position on a straight tram line, but rather fixing a position as would an astronaut.

Haphazard. At best. So much for the Science Of The Political.

Extreme is the operative word in that quote. The very fact that they targeted a school, and don’t even understand the symbols of their own stated movement, shows that this act is most likely the act of juveniles, or the mental equivalent thereof.

That said, The Ingrained Euro Fallacy of blaming the Jews appears to be making a comeback. France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Serbia. And several other nations approaching the gray area.

A most shocking series of developments.

For those of you not in the know, Doctor Evil is implying the graffiti was not the work of native Germans. Look at the screwed up swastika. Immigrant Turks, perhaps?

Or Buddhist extremists…?

I’m waiting for bob to tell us it’s a Zionist conspiracy to curry sympathy for the Jews.

Its a Zionista conspiracy tag-job by the evil Joou cabal to curry sauce sympatico for the occupiers of the paliwalli homeland that never existed which they now are occupado in.

(TC standing in for spook)

Or it could be a couple of ne’er-do-well teenagers.

Back when I was in high school, a couple of druggies spray-painted a bunch of swastikas and “HITLER RULES!” on the side of our school. The funny thing is that there was literally only one Jewish person at our school, one of the gym teachers. He pretty much knew right off the bat that it was these two druggies, because he recently denied them a parking pass and they had to park their car outside the campus and walk all of a couple hundred yards to get into school.

Given that the swastika is banned in Germany, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were in fact German jueveniles, since they would in fact have perhaps been less likely to see the symbol.

So what happens in war movies shown in Germany? Do they censor the symbols like Japanese porn?

Oh no. Displaying the swastika is legal in Germany, so long as the context is not (obviously) pro-Nazi. Historical films are fine.