Achilles tendon pain - need to recover in 2 weeks!


No way, you’re on LOOK?

In that case, if you aren’t already doing this. Buy EXUSTAR cleats to save money.



Haven’t done much stretching, but have been off the saddle for over 2 weeks now. I decided to skip the event, it didn’t make much sense and it wasn’t worth it anyway. 200 kms in not exactly the most beautiful part of the island… it costed me a discussion with lots of drama though.

I hope that some stretching and yoga and not very tough rides will make my ankle and tendon strong. Some days that area feels funny, but I can’t say if it’s jut tiredness, getting old, or too much thinking.


Probably best you didn’t ride. Weather conditions were not good on an already bad road.


Yup, TBH, I don’t regret having taken the motorcycle that day instead of participating in that event.



the annoyance was there, muted, and it’s slowly coming back, as I ride more these days…

So… when is that clinic open? Also, let’s say that I have microfissures; so what can I do?

Now is not painful, but sometimes almost…


1 pm to 9 pm. I don’t know what are microfissures.