Acid stain for concrete floor

Acid stain for concrete floor

I don’t even know what this is called in Chinese.

I’ve been to B&Q and was able to communicate the concept of staining (as opposed to painting) concrete, but they didn’t have anything.

Staining concrete floors seems to be quite common in America.
There are lots of Youtube videos explaining how to do it yourself, some of which I showed to my renovator.
Although it was a new technique for him, he’s willing to try it if I can get the acid stain.
However, the fact that he hadn’t come across it before makes me less than optimistic.

I’m in Kaohsiung, but any leads will be useful.
(Perhaps somebody knows of a shop or restaurant with a stained and polished concrete floor where I could go and make some enquiries.)

So how do you acid stain concrete? I never heard of it. If you know the specific acid they use you can buy the chemical at the chem stores at Tienshui road.

Having done a bit of research, I now know that concrete stain is called 混凝土著色劑 in Chinese.

I have also found some Chinese websites selling the product and explaining how to use it.
Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found anything in Taiwan.

Check out these youtube clips:
And this DIY website: … guide.html

Good idea. Actually, making your own stain is not that difficult. According to this ( website, which explains how to make your own stain, acid (hydrochloric, I guess) is not the active ingredient. It’s actually not even necessary. The active ingredient is a metal salt such as iron sulphate or copper sulphate. The DIY website lists a whole range of suitable metal salts that produce different coloring effects and which shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

At the moment, I’m renovating an old, and rather small, Gong-yu apartment in what they call 粉光 style, which gives it a kind of industrial appearance.
After removing all the internal walls, I discovered that the floors in the old rooms were not exactly at the same level. And since I also have the obvious “scars” form the old walls on the floor, as well as some new wiring that needs to be hidden, I have decided to remove the existing terrazzo floor and lay a simple cement floor, which I would like to stain in a yellowish-orange or tan color and then polish to give a marble-like appearance for a relatively cheap price.

While the staining can be done at a later date, it would be easier to do while the apartment is empty.

all of those chemicals are cheaply available, but the challenge might be to find out which chemical does which. Any future place I move the shop to should have stained concrete floor… anything else is a recipe for disaster.