ACORN caught in sting aiding and abetting criminal activity

[quote=“Chris”]Now Glenn “oligarhy” Beck, Rush “the oxy-moron” Limbaugh, Michele “slit our wrists” Bachmann and her fellow kooks are claiming that Americorps, an organization in which youth volunteers help the poor and needy by doing things like working at soup kitchens, teaching classes and building houses, is some kind of “re-education camp”, “leftist army” or “Hitler Youth”. :loco: :roflmao: Interestingly: Bachmann’s son recently joined Americorps! :laughing: And this is on top of their bizarre conspiracy theories about (blood-curdling scream) ACORN (muahahhahahaha!), which in reality is nothing more than a get-out-the-vote organization. :roflmao:

I feel sorry for those intelligent, honest people who sincerely support the Republicans. Your leaders and a huge proportion of your fellow travellers are liars, insane, stupid or a combination of all three.[/quote]

So ACORN is only a get out the vote organization right? Not an organization that advises how to claim tax deductions for underage sex workers?

Jon Stewart to media on ACORN: “Where the hell were you?”

Probe into ACORN’s ‘brothel’ affair[quote]State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo yesterday launched an investigation into pork-barrel grants given to ACORN by state lawmakers, as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn froze all city funding earmarked for the scandal-scared community-activism organization.

The actions by the Democratic officials followed release of a shocking undercover video that showed employees at a Brooklyn ACORN office giving illicit financial advice to activists posing as a pimp and prostitute who wanted to start a brothel.

The agency was among several ACORN affiliates, including offices in Baltimore, Washington and San Bernardino, Calif., exposed in the hidden-camera sting.[/quote]

Senate cuts ACORN funds[quote]The Baltimore Sun is reporting today that the U.S. Senate voted 83-7 to make ACORN ineligible for Housing and Urban Development grant funds. This makes good sense given that the secretly videotaped encounter between two Baltimore ACORN employees and a man and a woman posing as a pimp and prostitute started off as a conversation about how ACORN could help the pair buy a house to start a brothel. The action comes a few days after the Census Bureau severed ties with the organization[/quote]

And it looks very much like the tapes are a fraud. Incriminating statements dubbed on and exculpating info omitted.

What was someone doing illegally posing as a prostitute in the first place? Sounds like they were fishing for criminality. The members of ACORN know full well the realities of urban life and poverty, and if someone, a prostitute or drug addict, comes in for help, they will give off-the-record advice, but they can’t legally provide money, and lo! they didn’t.

Acorn is suspending operations and has fired 4 and possibly more employees. You call that a fraud by O’keefe?

It’s called investigative journalism. CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC might want to try it sometime without faking it.

To be fair to you Chris, I thought they were fake at first too. I mean who starts talking about breaking the law to people they don’t know and doesn’t bat an eye as you say you’re going to bring in underage El Salvadoran girls for a brothel? Then Acorn responded and fired those employees, then the Washington DC tape came out and again Acorn responded and fired those 2 employees too. Then the New York one, then San Bernadino and Acorn says they are going to suspend operations.

O’keefe and Giles did excellent work. I find the idea of Acorn suing them or Fox news very funny. Right up there with Joe “You Lie!” Wilson getting rebuked by the House while Rangel and Murtha are quietly being investigated by the House Ethics committee.

Watch the Jon Stewart video, really it’s funny, like The Onion level of funny. I give it :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

God that was funny!! Well worth a watch.

[quote=“Chris”]And it looks very much like the tapes are a fraud. Incriminating statements dubbed on and exculpating info omitted.

What was someone doing illegally posing as a prostitute in the first place? Sounds like they were fishing for criminality. The members of ACORN know full well the realities of urban life and poverty, and if someone, a prostitute or drug addict, comes in for help, they will give off-the-record advice, but they can’t legally provide money, and lo! they didn’t.[/quote]

I believe Chris is referring to this incident

[quote]Fox News reports fake murder story from ACORN video as fact
After Andrew Breitbart posted a video of an ACORN employee in San Bernardino, California, claiming that she had killed her ex-husband, Fox News’ Glenn Beck, Karl Rove, Greta Van Susteren, and Sean Hannity promoted it without fact-checking it or indicating that they had contacted ACORN for a response to the claim. In fact, ACORN stated that the employee made up the story because she recognized that the actors in the video “were clearly playing with” her so she “matched their false scenario with her own false scenarios,” and, indeed, the San Bernardino Police Department has said her claim is false.[/quote] … ers-acorn/

John Stewart was so funny I watched it twice.

You may also like these additional videos on San Bernadino: … #more-3414 … continued/

The actions of the ACORN employees in the videos are inexcusable, period.

It behooves liberals not to try to defend those actions. It is reasonable, however, to try to get a true picture of ACORN’s current state, and these videos are not designed to do that. They represent a single-sided attempt to destroy ACORN, a desire based on ACORN’s role in US electoral politics.

There is little or no moral high ground to be had for conservatives here - i.e. the videos were made to weaken ACORN’s ability to play a role in future elections, not rescue El Salvadoran girls or reduce prostitution. This is a pretty significant difference from investigative journalism, which, (in addition to the ubiquitous goal of making money for a media company) is typically in the pursuit of something protective of the public (e.g. To Catch A Predator - a US show that helps bait and catch internet pedophiles). While there is a solid argument to be made that the public’s interest is protected by exposing corruption within an organization receiving public funding, let’s not pretend that the Republican Party is an organization that has earned a reputation for being concerned with protecting El Salvadoran immigrants from exploitation.

True investigative journalists would have released the unedited footage, along with the content that was edited to convey the message. These conservative operatives intentionally entrapped the ACORN employees for political gain.

This was a very successful smear campaign - it should NOT have been successful because ACORN employees should NOT be giving out advice on prostitution. I have no sympathy for them, but I do note that there is a reason that entrapment is not admissible in US law enforcement.

This is analogous to a scenario in which a liberal activist infiltrates tax-exempt, politically active, anti-abortion churches and solicits help on the assassination of an abortion doctor. If anyone doubts that this is a scenario as plausible as this ACORN fiasco, they have not been to Kansas lately. It’s just a matter of getting it on video; they don’t have to find someone that would personally assassinate a doctor, they just need to find someone who will offer advice on the type of round they should use and the best way to make it count. All groups, left and right, contain people who are an embarrassment to the cause when they think they’re among like-minded friends.

The context of ACORN’s work should not be ignored, even if it does not excuse the behavior in the videos. They provide assistance to poor, often uneducated people. Some of their employees are their former clients - former drug dealers, prostitutes, gang members, etc. People that you’re unlikely to encounter on an internet forum, and who do NOT bat an eye when someone comes in and tells them about something awful (prostitution in this case) that they saw every single day when they themselves were on the street. You probably didn’t seen ACORN at the career fair at your university because they fill many of their positions internally and, if they can, they employ clients looking for job placement assistance in one of their many subsidiary organizations. We saw problems with that during the 2008 US Presidential Elections - ACORN got a bad rap because some of the unfortunate people it hired to collect voter registrations turned out to be conning them by turning in fake voter registrations to get more money. ACORN’s core employees flagged the questionable registrations and turned them in to the state, which is exactly what voter registration organizations should do. It’s not their job to throw registrations they don’t trust in the garbage, but only to notify the appropriate authorities and submit them… or do you want a community organizing group deciding whose registrations are valid? (Answer is “no”.)

The inconvenience of ACORN’s habit of mobilizing the poor and disenfranchised to the voting booth is what these videos were designed to combat.

Having employees of questionable backgrounds is a byproduct of ACORN’s (well-intentioned) work in the inner city ghettos that mainstream, white America’s faith-based organizations are often loath to touch (kudos to the ones that do, of course).

Practically, now? Yes, tax payers deserve better, and ACORN deserves to have its federal funding reviewed. Yes, it deserves to be investigated for further criminal wrong-doing. Yes, it needs to do an internal review and hold the guilty responsible.

No, ACORN’s operations do not deserve to be shut down on the basis of a politically motivated smear campaign.

Those righteously baying for ACORN blood might like to digest the following.

Grayson again:

That’s 20 years versus 1 day. And all this fuss being made. As the previous poster said, it’s politically motivated.

ACORN may well deserve some sort of penalty, but really they’re very much the good guys.

I thought this thread was going to be about salty nuts.

As usual, Rachel Maddow cuts right through the BS and gets to the heart of the matter:

Acorn vs. Blackwater (video)

[quote=“Rachel Maddow”]So, what to do, how to save, how to salvage the Defund ACORN Act? Well, they‘re going to need to make sure that it doesn‘t violate the Constitution as boldly as it seems to now. So, where the Defund ACORN Act says it‘s going to cut off funding for an organization that‘s ever been indicted for breaking campaign finance laws or that‘s ever filed fraudulent paperwork with any state or federal agency, if this is going to be constitutional, that can‘t only be enforced against this one group, can‘t only be enforced against ACORN. It‘s got to be for everyone.

So giant government defense contractors, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, it looks like you‘re out of luck. Lockheed Martin has been forced to pay at least $68 million for getting caught 11 separate times committing government contract fraud. Northrop Grumman has had to pay around $500 million for getting caught nine times for contract fraud. Sorry, guys, but if we‘re going to nail ACORN here, you‘ve got to go.

And if—and if fraud is going to be the new issue in our newfound enthusiasm for defunding people, then Blackwater is going to have a problem, too. In just one of Blackwater‘s many government contracts, they were recently found to have defrauded the government to the tune of $55 million. And that‘s just one Blackwater contractor, and they‘ve got lots of contracts.

But if fraud is not bad enough for you, how about murder? Because five Blackwater employees have been charged with murder during the course of their government contracted duties in Iraq. Is murder enough to defund Blackwater?

How about if people they‘re killing, the contractors killing aren‘t just Iraqi civilians or somebody else we don‘t know, how about if they‘re U.S. troops? Because KBR, with its government contracts, is under investigation for killing 16 American troops who were electrocuted through KBR shoddy works supposedly building and maintaining living quarters for our troops in Iraq.

I mean, to be fair, I will admit that if we are talking about behavior by contractors that warrants them being defunded by an outrage Congress, none of those things I just described from those other contractors are prostitution specific, like the Republican and conservative media ACORN case has been. Ever since two activists dressed up in pimp and hooker costumes and then went from ACORN office to ACORN office with a hidden camera until they got a reaction out of ACORN employees that would play well on FOX News.

If the hidden camera stunt induced prostitution angle is what it takes to get a government contract defunded, then I guess we‘re going to have to talk about prostitution broadly and the government contractor known as ArmorGroup, part of Wackenhut, in Afghanistan. Their employees, you‘ll recall, were made famous earlier this month after the release of these pictures that show the contractors barely clothed and shooting vodka out of places you wouldn‘t expect.

The same ArmorGroup personnel who, again, were being paid by you and me were also allegedly engaged in a prostitution ring in Kabul. That‘s according to an ArmorGroup whistleblower. The State Department is investigating ArmorGroup now.

But if we‘re going to talk contractors and prostitution, we‘re also going to have to talk about DynCorp, which is always been one of those horror movie U.S. contractor cases. In the year 2000, at least 13 DynCorp employees were sent home from a U.S. government contract in Bosnia after they were found to be taking part in a Bosnian sex slave ring involving underage girls, not a fake prostitution ring that never actually existed like the one in the activist hidden camera costumes stunt, but an actual forced child prostitution ring, an actual U.S. government contractors from DynCorp.

In the absence of any defund DynCorp uprising, DynCorp still gets a lot of government money. In fact, today, DynCorp landed a brand new $230 million contract with the U.S. Air Force. That‘s on top of the $915 million contract they got from the State Department in June.

ArmorGroup, the prostitution/vodka-shooting contract in Afghanistan at the Kabul embassy, they still got that nearly $200 million contract in Afghanistan with the State Department. But that is currently under review.

Blackwater still has multimillion dollar contracts with the State Department, the Defense Department, as well as the CIA, even as five of their employees face murder charges.

KBR was just awarded a new $19 million army contract in February, despite being investigated in the deaths of those 16 U.S. troops.

Not only have these contractors not been defunded by outraged members of Congress, they all continue to get spectacularly lucrative government contracts even after all of these things have been exposed. I‘m not reporting any of these things for the first time. They‘re all known.

So, sure, if you want to defund ACORN, go for it. ACORN has definitely done some indefensible stuff over the years. They are an imperfect organization, to be sure. But if this isn‘t just a witch-hunt against ACORN, if Congress is actually just going after government contractors who commit fraud and worse, then we can all look forward to the explanation from the fake outrage Republicans and the cowering Democrats about why nothing ever inspired them to defund anyone before ACORN. After that, by all mean, cut them all loose.[/quote]

Ding! KO. :bow:

Ms. Maddow is a clear partisan and I can’t say that she “as usual… cuts right through the BS,” but this particular piece is the type of partisanship I can handle. That is, being there to keep the other side honest.

There is little or nothing apologist for ACORN’s failings in the above piece, only the addition of sorely missed perspective. It begs the question, What is different about ACORN’s scandal and those called out in Maddow’s piece, to garner such different reactions from lawmakers? Any takers?

Did you watch the video or just read the quote? I think Scahill answers the question pretty succinctly:

[quote]Look, Rachel, as you know, this is political. This isn‘t really about upholding the law. On the one hand, you have an organization that registered 1.3 million people to vote, 400,000 members, works with the poor and working class people of this nation. They don‘t have lobbying power in the form of massive campaign contributions.

On the other side, you have 600 war corporations right now on the U.S. government payroll. You want to know what an actual election scandal, 25 cents to 40 cents on every dollar we spend on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $2.5 billion a week, that money goes directly to these war corporations who in turn contribute campaign dollars to the Republicans and Democrats who continue to fund their operations. That‘s the real scandal here.[/quote]

Republicans watch too much Glenn Beck and perceive ACORN as part of this huge liberal conspiracy to turn America into the a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship which will then subjegate (sp?) itself to the great UN world empire, or something to that effect. (Pardon me while I turn away from the camera to let off a few choked sobs.)

Democrats are so chickenshit and worried about public perception that they’re afraid of being seen as party to that conspiracy if they don’t jump all over ACORN for this very public infraction.

And both sides are getting gobs of money from the war machine. Oh, not to mention we’d have to dump a whole bunch more enlisted troops into the grinder if we didn’t use military contractors - which would make our overseas operations a lot more unpopular a lot more quickly here at home.

Both, Vay - I read it first, and then watched it because Maddow has a great delivery. I don’t disagree in the least with her argument (see my lengthy earlier post to similar effect).

However, as a rabid moderate, I make it a point to invite both sides of an issue to make their arguments… even if it involves some baiting with a quasi-rhetorical question. This thread was started by a conservative, so I thought he and others might want to respond.

Q (mine): What is different about ACORN’s scandal and those called out in Maddow’s piece, to garner such different reactions from lawmakers?
A (IMO): Nothing.

Better? :slight_smile:

ACORN Cleared

Mr. Pimp “journalist” found out for the propagandist weasle he is.

[quote]While the video by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles seemed to show three ACORN workers advising a prostitute how to hide ill-gotten gains, the unedited version was not as clear, according to a law enforcement source.

“They edited the tape to meet their agenda,” said the source.[/quote]


I wonder if Okami will hold Fox News to the same standards he held other outlets earlier in this thread.

RE: The NY “acquittal”

The N.Y. District Attorney, Charles Hynes, sould have recused himself from involvement with this case had he an ounce of professional ethics.
Why, you ask?
The Working Family Party was formed by ACORN, SEIU and David Dinkins (and illegally run out of Columbia for a year.)
Hynes ran on the Working Family Party Line in 2009

“Get over it…WE Won!”

Oh no! The District Attorney is a Demicrat!

Now, will the conservatives end their obsession with ACORN, which is little more than a get-out-the-vote organization?

Probably not…

[quote=“Chris”]Now, will the conservatives end their obsession with ACORN, which is little more than a get-out-the-vote organization?

Probably not…[/quote]

A get out and vote organization? I think you’re forgetting to mention their very successful voter registration drives. So successful that they registered one man 72 times in return for cigarettes.