Acquiring citizenship and conscription

Dear Formosa forum users…

I have read most of the forum but it doesnt seem to specifically answer some of my questions…

Simply put I wish to avoid being conscripted into the army.

What is my situation?:

I was born in 1986 in Europe, my father still holds Taiwanese citizenship registered household
and all. I know I should go to a TECO then go to Taiwan get a TARC and stay for one year in Taiwan to receive my citizenship (in short which should be correct?).

Anyways apparently I need to stay for 365? days in Taiwan starting from the day of my receiving my TARC. However at the same time I know that staying for more than x number of consecutive days I will be eligible for being drafted since I am not yet 35/36? years old or older.

Therefore the simple math tells me that I must serve if I was to acquire my citizenship? Could someone confirm this for me please.

Furthermore what if I was enrolled to STUDY full-time during this entire process of acquiring my citizenship and left after acquring my citizenship and abandon studies after? Or is there some other loophole thats possible?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

I don’t know about the other questions. But you can defer conscription while you’re studying. You just have to go to the local conscription office and prove you’re studying.

IIRC conscription is less than a year, so you might be able to get it out of the way while acquiring citizenship.

If you are already looking for illegitimate ways to dodge conscription, you probably don’t deserve to be a national. I don’t get why overseas Taiwanese make such a big deal out of the draft, if your already uprooting your life to stay here 365 days to acquire Taiwan nationality, what’s a few months in the military? You even suggested going as far as to waste your time and money pretending to study. If you have the time to pretend to study, you have the time to complete the conscription. Hell, you’d probably learn a lot more valuable lessons in the military than you would at any Taiwan university.

He has to do 14 months from the year he is born. I can why he wouldn’t want to do it at 32-33?

But is I agree if you want to get the benefits of being a national, it’s fair to everyone else that did it. Taiwan doesn’t have that big of a stigma for avoiding conscription. In Korea is very looked down on.

Just do your service. You get to learn a few things and meet new people from different walks of life

you don’t automatically get shenfenzhen after living here 360 days. you have to apply for it like everything else. you can choose not to and just live here off your TARC (which can be renewed). assuming you are 33 right now, you would be 35 after going through the process, getting all the stuff, and qualifying. you can just hold off another year. if you choose to go this route, you don’t need to stay in taiwan 365 straight, you can go abroad if you want, you just need to hit 270 every year for 2 years. this is also an option you can consider.

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