Acting and food

As per title. Any tips on how to act when you have to eat/pretend to eat for ads and stuff? Dunno why they pick me, Icon is the worst actress in the world. But I love my food. :blush:

Like this, apparently.

Although since Kim Kardashian is inherently annoying, I just get the urge to dump that bowl of salad over her head, as opposed to … whatever the ad is for.

Halfway through your best take look straight into the camera and bellow “That’s a speecy mightball!!!”

Thanks, gulp, :astonished: Finley, gulp. :neutral:

Ah, Jim Carrey. Gotta look up where he got that from.

Like this:

Believe it or not, I’ve actually had to do this a couple of times. :unamused:

To paraphrase Ron Jeremy’s performance advice, go in hungry, but not TOO hungry.

Don’t actually consume until they’re rolling, even if, at first, you want to.

Hopefully you won’t be eating anything too hideous, so don’t overdo it on the “oooh”-ing and “mmmm”-ing, unless, of course, they want you to.

Finally, as a last resort, if you absolutely have to, don’t be afraid to make like a supermodel and purge.

My problem is that they usually want me to deliver my lines while munching. I find it hard to multitask: speak with food in your mouth, even if it is mmmmm…

Tragedy: can’t find my fake eyelashes. Dimmit.

You don’t actually have to consume all of it. (Start at 3:07.)

Just came back. Yep, tried that technique. However, my acting, as usual, 失敗…