Activated Carbon Filter Face Masks: Any Good?

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hey biscuit: read my rebuttal of your masky thingy a bit higher up (page 3 or so)

the masks filter some of the 5% of breathed air that goes through them. they cannot filter the 95% or so of the air that goes AROUND them.

yes AC works, we are not disputing that. NO these masks do not implement it well enough to do diddly-squat.

should you be declaring a fincancial or other interest in a mask manufacturer at this point?

Yeah - my reply about the mask thing would be the same as everyone else. Additionally, it’s not plausible to ask me to wear even one of the wussy fake masks all the time. They inevitably fog up my glasses and make it hard to see, not to mention uncomfortable.

My sell by date: Apr. 2, 16:30.

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Are your juices running clear?[/quote]

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[quote=“SuchAFob”]Yeah. She wasn’t gone long. She came back in time to call Tash (or was it buttercup) a cultural imperialist for wanting butter and then to say that ghosts really do exist.
And she called YOU weird.[/quote]

There goes any credibility on her part… out the window


Scientific or not, I believe what my eyes show me when it comes to facemasks. Try my wet wipe experiment and see for yourself.

the extrapolations i have made come from studies on the effectiveness of various types of face mask used in medical and food preparation situations. most of the air breathed in in these situations comes from around the sides of the mask, the mask filters the outgoing air much more effectively than the incoming air, as it is generated at high enough pressure at the nose to push through the mask. this is good, because these masks are desgned to stop bacterial aerosol transmission from carriers of such germs, or from doctor’s nose to surgical patients insides… in isolation wards, for example, the staff wear closer fitting masks with more effective sealing power around the nose. the cloth masks with hello kitty or pretty burberry designs that have an internal activated carbon layer inside are extremely similar in design, and therefore function. no mask that i have seeen for daily city use to block pollution meets the criteria for blocking side flow bypass. and any that would do so, would be too cumbersome for daily use, let alone high intensity use when cycling for example.

as i have said earlier, show me the kind of mask that a firefighter would be happy to use in a smoky environmet, and i will believe that it can do a good job of filtering the air going into the person’s face. i actually have a spray painting mask that has a pressure seal around the face. i wored for a time testing insecticides, and i usd proper filtration systmes as a matter of course for that. i also have some limited experience with military gas masks, having undegone gas and NBC training some years ago. those masks DO work. the fimsy face masks you are advocating will work ON THE AIR THAT PASSES THROUGH THEM, but not on the air that bypasses them. if i was testing such a mask for a company, i would design a test that measured the filtration of air going through the mask by clamping the mask over a dirty air stream from an outlet like a pipe, with no chance of side flow bypass. thus i would generate a nice set of figures for my client. that is the sort of quasi-scientific testing that passes for scientific endorsement in many such marketing plans. show me that the testing scheme is different and maybe i will change my mind. until then, i remain confident in my assertions.

thank you for your time.

What? WHAT? Are you trying to tell us you think some Taiwanese testers might be less than perfect? That, in effect, you are failing to sufficiently love Taiwan? Out! OUT!

hey, its not just taiwan…

and i choose not to prostitute myself by working in such a field, though the money is good.
like being a tobacco company lawyer. i knew one once. he was a friend at uni, but soon i purposely lost contact with him. i heard later (when i met again at a wedding) he lives in a very nice house now…