Activities for toddlers in Taipei?

I am looking for activities for toddlers (from 2 to 3 year-old) to do in Taipei. Please suggest ! Ideally pin point location and a website.
Can be dance, music, gym, soccer, art, indoor, outdoor, museum… I found a lot of things for older kids (mainly from 4) but almost nothing for 2 and 3… so what your toddlers are doing??? Thanks !

My daughter is almost one, and her favorite thing to do is kindermusik. We have weekly classes on Thursdays. If you just need a place for a morning or afternoon outing, I recently took my daughter to bearsworld and was very impressed. It’s located just north of Taipei City Hall Mrt. There’s a sand area, drum/music area, dress up area etc. Really fun. It costs 200 for 2 hours. You can find them on Facebook. There’s also a sand pit just south of the eslite building by Taipei city mrt. It’s outdoors and free. There are also free indoor playgrounds in every district of Taipei. You need to book online to visit them though. The easiest one for me is the one by the yuanshan mrt. You can book with your passport number if you are a foreigner.

Thanks Tiare,
I should be more precise… I am more looking into “organized class” for toddlers with a teacher/coach than indoor playgrounds which are plenty in Taipei.
Difficulties being my kids are now going half day to kindergarten : we have time in the afternoon only after nap time and most kindermusik class are in the morning only… don’t know why.

Sorry. Yeah all the classes I know of are in the morning. We do baby yoga and swimming too. If you got a group together, maybe you could convince the teacher to open an afternoon class. What about gymboree? I haven’t tried it yet, but that might be an option for you.

Colleen who is doing kindermusik just replied saying she hold a toddler class on Thursday afternoon at 4pm. So we will be going next week for a previous session.

We have tried Gymboree… and we are actually still going there for an “art class”… However, i am not such a big fan of Gymboree… the concept is great, it’s just they are not flexible and they put a lot of pressure on you to buy lessons. We initially went there when the babies were 8 month-old and it was great for them to crawl around safely and discover different places/things than home. So i am hoping to be able to find a new art class before to have to commit and buy another set of 24 classes that would cost me 24,000 NT$ for each kid !!!

An afternoon Kindermusik class would be great for us, too.
Do you have the contact info for this?

i guess she would not mind me posting information about her class and her email. Here is what she sent me:
“Yes classes are on Thursday afternoons at Smiley(Zhongxiou East Rd Section 3,#88,2nd Floor). Baby class is at 3pm Toddlers at 4pm.
Would you like to join us for a preview class ($500)?”
Her email is

Thank you.

For those who are interested, I’ve created an English language website that lists fun ideas for exploring Taiwan with little kids.

So if you need ideas for rainy day activities, the addresses of restaurants with play areas, the locations of the 13 free government run play play centers, or to know where to find indoor & outdoor sand pits, check out: Hope you enjoy!