Activity Suggestions for My Student's Tour of Australia

On Friday, I’m taking a tour to Australia for some of my students. Whilst I’ve got it all planned out, I’d like to garner some suggestions for downtime activities.

I’m taking:
Chess Sets
journal writing

Any ideas?


You could burn a couple of cds of popular English karaoke songs (sans vocals), print some lyrics sheets, and…

Ok, it’s not really my cup of tea, but most locals love to sing, and they’ll happily warble away the hours stuck on tour buses, etc.

Good grief! They’re going to Oz, kick a football, get dirty, shoot roos or something.


where in aus are you going???

I’m going to Surfers’ Paradise and a farmstay.

Make a video of your trip in three parts. Part One - The group discusses the activities you have planned, should be easy to sneak in a lot of the vocab they’ll need. Part Two - The group is actually engaged in those activities. Part Three - The group reminsices over the good times they had, the difficulties they overcame etc. It doesn’t have to be a professional looking film to be a great learning experience and who knows you might just get lucky and capture some magic.

I’m just charging the handycam now bob.

Erm, talk about the hard time customs gave you all coming in from an Asian country. Talk about what they might have been looking for and why they picked on you as a group and/or as individuals. Talk about what would have happened if they had found anything. Talk about the cool phone swipe thingy that they have. Talk about all the activities you missed as a result of being held up in Aussie customs for so long. Talk about how much Asutralia sucks and how you are never going back.

Just my 2C

Surfers Paradise is a horrible, tourist trap full of sunburned foreigners and dodgey salesman… Avoid if possible! Unless you are just going to take a few photos and maybe grab an ice cream or something…

If you drive an hour north - visit Brisbane! Ill gladly show you around my city. Are they fans of Steve ‘Croc Hunter’ Irwin? He has a theme park about 30 mins from Brisbane and there are wonderful parks, beaches and lookouts in that area too (Sunshine Coast)

Just a suggestion! pm me if you would like to show your kids around Brisbane :slight_smile:

take 'em to the broadwater carpark… so they can learn about bogans and aussie v8’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah I was there last week!
twilight zone music

Well it’s all over now.

Let me tell you it was the hardest money I’ve ever earned in my life. I cleared 80,000 for 10 days work less than two thirds of what I normally make for the same period of work with tripple the hours and months of preperation.

On the tour side, it was very successful.

We stayed 5 days at an excellent farmstay near Beaudesert about 100km inland from Brisbane. The facilities, food, and activities were excellent for kids and put a tear of nostalgia in my eye. They had horse riding, excellent trails, picnics and camp fires every day with billy tea, cricket and tennis. The kids were well fed and wrecked by 9pm so they were in bed early. The weather here was cool to cold at night but we had a stove in the house which I lit at about 6 every night after chopping the wood. Jesus who’d of thought I’d ever split another gate post.

Then I rented a 1.5 million dollar property in Broadbeach Waters with its own private beach and jetty. The house was spectacular and had a beautiful, functional kitchen area. This is where I really had to pull the finger out. I was up cooking breakfasts for 12 at 6am, making sure the laundry was done, scheduling the days activities, dolling out money, checking walkie-talkies were functioning, getting the kids in the bus, driving the bus, watching them like a hawk through Movie World, Sea World, at the beach and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Then I took them home where I’d cook dinner for 12 whilst they had showers, played on the x-box or wrote their diaries.

There was no call for additional activities as it turns out there was simply too much to do.

The kids had a wouderful time, I had an exhausting, but happy time of it.

I didn’t have any trouble at customs. Brisbane airport is nothing like Sydney. It is a pretty casual kind of affair. The Quantas ques, however, were long and you’d have to ask yourself why anyone would want to travel on a terorrist target ship.

Would I do it again? That’s the million dollar question and if it paid something like that I might consider it. I originally planned it just to see what was involved and what I could learn from it. I feel like I learned a hell of a lot. It was long in the planning and well executed, but not profitable. I’d have to ask for a lot more money next time.

Hey sounds like you had a great trip :slight_smile:

Got any photos to share? The farmstay sounds great

I sould have some photos and video to upload once I work out how to do it.