Actor Steven Seagal made special US-Russia envoy

Putin, Seagal, Trump… Let’s add Stalone to the mix and then just wrestle the whole thing out. 10/10 would pay to watch.

Maybe Rodman and Seagal could be Trump’s dream foreign policy team.

Russia has appointed the US actor Steven Seagal as a special envoy to improve ties with the United States.

Seagal was granted Russian citizenship in 2016 and has praised President Putin as a great world leader.

Saw that earlier. Made me gag.
Segal is a joke, but at the moment, what about US foreign policy isn’t?

Easily the best timeline.

That’s hilarious. Seagal is a caricature of himself.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the first major US politician to say, “No. No way. I will absolutely not meet with Steven Seagal, the bad, very bad, very big league bad actor to discuss US/Russian policy…on anything.”

The way people in this country conflate celebrity with power never ceases to impress me. Yet it is also why I sit in the back of the restaurant close to the kitchen with my back to the wall…metaphorically speaking…although I do literally do that and take note of the exits. And Russia choosing this boob of a human really says something deeply about how they perceive what they think they know about Americans, huh? Anyone think they’re all ubersmart ice cold chess masters now? Or can we go back to “They’re all drunks?”

Can someone go back in time and kill Andy Warhol please?

Anyone here willing to make the case that Russia deserves better?

Hooray! Peace at last!

Seriously, that parody cartoon was better than the bulk of Seagal’s ouvre.

Gotta say, the “actor” designation is really pushing it…

I don’t know, I thought he was pretty good in that cartoon.

If it’s Seagal from Out For Justice I’m good with it.

Put your hands together for the new US Secretary of State


My vote goes to Under Siege. And it’s got Gary Busey too (I nominate him for ambassador to the U.N.).


Pretty solid. And Tommy Lee Jones should get something too.


We should appoint a star to be US ambassador to the kremlin

But who ? How about Lady GaGa

Easy, Bert Kreischer of course

Trump’s already on it:

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Not to point out the obvious, but it’s how most of the planet thinks of Americans, and it’s not without merit. The issue isn’t that they chose a b rate kung fu actor, issue is they chose the wrong one. But still doable. That’s not drunk, it is smart. What’s drunk is the quack you guys have in office. Russia is just so happy how easy it is now.

It could have been the “tra-la-la” guy, or the guy who sings like a dolphin. Surely some great role in global statecraft awaits them.