Actors Permit

I have heard that if you want to do TV work in Taiwan you need to have what is called a “Actors Permit”.

Does anyone know about how this is done? What the requirements are as far as education? If my degree is in a non arts related field would I be eligable for a Actors Permit, etc…

I am totally unsure of how this whole thing works. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance

Good luck. Taiwan is only interested in “Taiwanese” talent. Even the days of imported huaqiao talent are long gone. Guys like VJs David Wu and Rick Tan could not get working visas here because the MOFA felt their work was something that Taiwanese could do just as well.

Interesting points, Maoman. I have heard similar things.

Though you do still see the odd (no pun intended) "foreigner"on TV these days.

Just the other week on the Jacky Wu show, a blond Mandarin speaking “lao wai” was trotted out to take part in bit where they film and fool a Taiwanese star who is having his (most often it is a male star) hair washed.

I don’t think any acting permit is needed. Maybe Jeff (Locker or “Jeff-u”) can answer this question for us.

But, zazen, I don’t think any special permit is needed to appear on TV in Taiwan–just a willingness to swallow your pride and act the fool.

You will find some answers on this page:

[quote=“The Government Information Office”]Required Documents:

New Applicant:

Written application;
Application form (to be obtained from the GIO and filled out in detail);
A photocopy of the business registration certificate, or group or corporate body establishment registration certificate;
A copy of the employment contract with detailed information on the expected period of employment, position, work content, salary, and insurance;
Certification of the foreign employee’s academic qualification (university and above) and work experience
<1> Waived for those engaged in entertainment work
<2> For those engaged in professional and technical services or those in managerial positions: The professional and technical services designated in accordance with Article 15 of the Enforcement Rules of the Employment Services Act (The professional and technical services mentioned in Item 1, Paragraph 1, Article 43 of the Employment Services Act refer to the following types of work: i) that requires a certificate or license acquired under the Professional and Technical Examinations Law and its Enforcement Rules; ii) that can be accomplished by those having a doctoral degree from a relevant department of a domestic or foreign university, a Master’s degree and at least one year of related experience, or an undergraduate degree and at least two years of related experience; iii) that can be accomplished by those who have completed higher education; received professional training; been qualified through professional examinations; received instruction from experts and have related experience and achievement; or mastered the skills themselves, are creative, and have outstanding performance.);
A photocopy of the foreign employee’s passport;
A copy of the employment program (including the company operating report, reason for employment, reason for the non-employment of ROC citizens, and the employee’s background information);
For those in the entertainment business, a performance program and the number of working days;
For foreign employees less than 20 years of age, a letter of consent from the legal representative; the employment contract must also bear the signature of the legal representative;
A personnel name list; and
Other documents and information specified by the GIO.

The last post is for a generic job in any field. Anyone out there appeared regularly on a show in Taiwan. Do any of the actors on the silly show “Let’s talk in English” have Actors Permits, not to be confused with a work permit. This permit is specific to Actors I am told. I often see foreigners on TV. Stars being interviewed etc…

I think it is all pretty much squared away now but if anyone has real, first hand experience I would appreciate the help.


I am a shlump

I just noticed the link at the top of the post and am now navigating through the details. Thanks

I am still looking for info. The link given above is great but people keep telling me that you don’t need to have any qualifications to work as an actor on TV. I have never worked in Taiwan and don’t have a work permit. It is my understanding that you need to have a work permit and an actors permit to work regularly on TV. Wish I knew the truth. argghh

Don’t also really know the answer. But a friend of mine was a well-known male model and actor for TV commercials, appearing in a at least 3 to 4 well-known branded commercials and tons of print ads. To my knowledge, he was moonlighting those jobs as he did not have an actor license. But, was represented by a model agency who did all the paperwork–mainly on the tax matters and took a cut in his earnings.

Suggest, you to talk to one of those model agencies, such as “Catwalk” and ask to talk to one of their managers.

I had also a chance to work with David Wu, hiring him at the time for a 8 week commercial promotion. Worked with his agent at the time, so was not aware he did NOT have a license.

In any case, hope this helps you. Keep us posted on your conversations with a model agency.

I have found out officially that your employer can apply for an actors permit to allow for you to work in film, tv and radio for that employer based on a contract signed. It is supposed to take 48 hours and is very simple. I will let you all know if it is a easy as they say. Thanks for your advice.