Acupuncture for pregnant women

Would like to know if anyone has tried and can recommend an acupuncture located in Taipei downtown for pregnant women.
I have a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was wondering if acupuncture could help.


For a pregnant woman, practices acupuncture is prohibited for most of the doctors. What you need is chirotherapy. 

Maybe you can visit Dr. Jiang, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, who are well-experienced on orthopedics, chirotheray, and acupuncture( if needed). One the one hand, he can speak very fluent English. On the other hand, what he practices to you is soft and gentle. No pain, no fear, than you are cured.

His clinic is located on No.568, Zhongzheng Rd., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City , Winstontcm
Tel: 02-29232425
You can consult him at Mon. and Fri. PM:2:00-10:00 ; Tue.Thu. Sat. AM:9:30-Pm:1:00

Good luck.