Adam Schiff, progressive rock star

Reminder: progressive rock is not for everyone. And a lot of it sucks.

Completely unrelated:

Feel free to disagree:

Looking forward to his latest single, which will provide a fresh mixolydian melody in a 5/4 signature. Ibanez signature model electric guitar coming soon.

I would expect something more Roger Waters inspired.

Or maybe the other Waters… :sunglasses:


Schiff does seem to have a thing for unusual time signatures. Witness the recent 24 hour deadline.

The one hit wonder with the famous 45 disk. Peach mints 45 with the flip side, get in their faces.

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Then there’s John Waters, who blames Trump for killing camp.

I like the top of the list, but don’t know most of the bottom.

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Rolling Stone hated prog because it was the opposite of punk.

I am willing to forgive prog’s many sins because it is the opposite of punk. I’m generous that way.

(Oddly, I don’t dislike punk-influenced music, just punk itself.)

I don’t see Schiff on there. :thinking:

He’s the next one after Milli Vanilli.

I figured Fear would be right up your alley.

I’m guessing he is going to go down as a one hit wonder with his “Quid Pro Quo” single.

He’s more like Spinal Tap:

Bonus: he’s a vegan.

Abuse of power chords.

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They better have been in odd time signature, otherwise it’s not really progressive.

Everything about this is odd.

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It wasn’t just a journalists private phone records he got, it was the Presidents lawyer and Devin Nunes phone records. Complete silence from those who apparently are outraged Trump wanted dirt on his political opponent.

I guess it’s ok when Democrats do it, no outrage Schiff gets to subpoena phone records of whoever he wants. :rofl: