Adapter for Intel FLASH 28F016


Any body know where I can buy two of these

GDP-F016-56TS 56 pin TSOP Adapter for Intel FLASH 28F016SA

TSOP adapters are not very common, that package was never really designed with adapters in mind. Where do you need to “plug” it in? DIL? An “adapter” should usually adapt two things to one another…

I can’t remember having seen a “real” adapter (like for PLCC) when I still had been working on that field, we would usually either buy an adapter board (available at most components dealers) where you solder the chip on and the board goes into two rows of 2.54mm pins or we would simply do it ourselves - etching some or let the LPKF make a few samples…

Oh, now I see: You want an adapter to program some chips… Sorry, you will need to contact some distributor. No shop here would stack items that expensive. You could try to ask these people, they are selling the Labtool programmers.