Add 'how to hot link' to FAQ?

Hey admins, this question comes up from time to time and I was thinking we could add a brief explanation in the FAQ:

How do I add a ‘hot link’ (make a word or words in my post such as ‘click here’ act as a link)?
Select the word(s) such as ‘click here’ in the below example, click the URL button so that it is preceded by [url_] and followed by [url/_] (without the underscores), then put the cursor after ‘url’ and before ‘]’ in the leading ‘[url_’]. Type = then paste the url there. For example, [url=YourURLgoesHere]click here[/url]

Really? :smiley:

Great minds think alike. :wink:

Admins, no response?

Sounds like a good idea. Why not go the whole hog and teach 'em how to hotlink images as well? Lot’s of folk seem to be unable to pull this off…


Great idea. I’m one of them.