Addictive geography guessing game

OK I’ve just wasted an hour guessing where I am on a map.

It’s really addictive. My best score was 17445, but I admit I was super lucky. One of the locations I got just happened to be a mountain road in the Sequoia National Forest (California) that I know like the back of my hand! And another had signs in Disney fonts, and since I didn’t recognize it as part of Disneyland (which I basically grew up in) I figured it had to be Disneyworld. For both of those locations I was within 8 km.

What’s your best score and has anyone gotten Taiwan?

Damn! That really is addictive! And don’t some of those photos look nice? It’s also surprising how places which are so far apart can look so similar.

I had Taiwan. Pingdong.

Wow, that was really fun! My score improved with each place. On the first location, I was about as far off as you can be, guessing the UK when the pictures were from Australia. The last location was obviously somewhere in Japan, and after a bit of looking around I found a van with 小笠原 written on the side. Bingo–the Ogasawara Islands. A few more signs and I was able to guess the location within 69 meters! … xsfQ%3D%3D

I had a lot of USA

First place I got was a small town, Cauvin, in Louisiana. I just ‘drove’ along the road until I found a restaurant with the town’s name. The second location was in Brazil - I used the same tactic and found a street sign. My ‘guess’ was 44 meters away and I got 6475 points. Has anyone got closer than that?

I’d keep playing but I have to go to work now.

The website doesn’t load for me anymore… Anyone else got this problem?

Works fine. My best round yet … bnVsbH0%3D

Best I got was a spot on Highway 80 in Nebraska.


My score.



My score.[/quote]

Your guess was 0.001 km from the correct location and gave 6479 points.

at the exact same point, flin flon’s main at 1st ave.

By the way, looks like you are using Ubuntu as well. gnome-panel, 12.04? or 12.10?

My score.[/quote]

I have you beat by a tiny bit

You got 32382 points in total.

The last one is tough, I know it’s in Ukrain but I have no idea where. It looks like a big city so I guessed Kiev, and there was a post office (I guessed, can’t read russian alphabets… ) next to a triumph pole, so I kind of searched around, and found the exact spot.

I was explaining this game to my friend yesterday and the first thing he said is, “You must have a lot of time on your hands.” :smiley: And it’s true. I have about 4 hours to kill every Friday and something like this game is perfect. Otherwise I’d have to do something useful like, you know, learn Chinese or something.

I think under five meters the measurement is not reliable. And you can’t ‘drive’ very fast, unlike Google maps. But it is still possible to nail every single location, if you have enough time on your hands. My least accurate guess was about 12km away - I got plonked down in the boondocks; I thought, this looks like Alaska, with just a gravel road heading through tundra and stunted forest; no signs, no cars, no sign of civilization except for the road; I ‘drove’ for about twenty minutes (Ed. :noway: ) and was just about to give up when I saw a sign for a campground. :sunglasses: In another tab I searched for the campground location and found roughly where it was, so I just took a stab. Yukon.

I still want to know what happens if the guess is 0 meters away.