Adding English name to a company

When my CPA registered my company, we did not pick an English name, and now I found out she charges 10k to add an english name.

Is there a way to do this myself? Should I go to 市政府 building and go to the chamber of commerce section?

Call a different CPA?

I recommend mine.

I don’t think mine would charge such an extortionate amount for that.


I’ll check, though it’s not so easy for me to drop my current CPA due to all the other things going on. I can write a bit of Chinese, so was thinking of just getting familiar with the process myself.

I doubt it is very difficult to do in person, and the volunteers in the office are quite willing to help. I’d just go over with the company organization documents and chop. They’ll tell you if you’re missing anything.

I believe you’re looking for the department of commerce office: 全國商工行政服務入口網

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Oh I thought it was in the 市政府 building. I’ll call tomorrow and check.

This is the office that deals with company registrations: Google Maps

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Wow 2.0 review, looking forward to it

You can do it online in mandarin. Go in person if you cant type/read. Its very easy and painless.

Last time we did it it was 2000 and that was the cpa doing it. My wife did it once when we changed the name (mandarin and english) and it was 1000 for everything. Note we also changed our business items, including one special industry item that requires a license, inspection etc. Still 1000.


I think this is the site to do it online yourself: 出進口廠商登記系統

I added the english name, though not sure on whether i need to get all my company documents updated again with the new english name.

Is it possible that is the reason she was charging 10k for the update?? :thinking:

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Yeah possible. I just need the name on my bank account so I can do international wire… I’ll go ask my bank what they need

I think I might’ve used the wrong site… I think I should be using this one: 公司與商業及有限合夥一站式線上申請作業

And then pay the 1k NT fee for changing company registration. No idea what the 2 export/import documents I generated on the other site are for, at least they were free.

Yup I screwed up, will try the other site tomorrow, which looks like it’s in Chinese-only

Ya bro, its 1k if you do yourself. Assuming you arent involved in various industries needing permits and such. When we move adress its the same. You can change your name, add/remove items etc all at the same time for the same fee.

So I did the online registration via 出進口廠商登記系統 and it was free to reserve an english name, download the form with import/export, and my banks were able to look up the name in their systems and assign an english name to the bank account

I’m not sure if I need to go through the 1k process to update all the company documents since that needs to go through the various agencies. But seems like I might be good now? Though I should probably get the english name updated everywhere as well right? I’ll look into it in a few weeks…

Also I want to increase my up front capital investment, but apparently it costs the same as registering a new company (about 40k for my overpriced CPA)! I’ll just try do it myself…

If I figure out this process I’ll write a blog/guide somewhere so us foreigners don’t get ripped off for things you can just do online yourself

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You can change your capital at the same time you are changing your other items. Its all included in the 1k or whatever the fee is, best to do it all at once.

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