Address on ARC

My Company when they got my ARC put the wrong address on it. Now they say they have to change it, because the Police or the aliens from Uranus or someone has told them to do it…

They want me to put on my home address… but for this they need proof of where i am living (thats funny since they never needed proof when they put my wrong address on the ARC application in the first place)…
The proof is my rental contract that my Taiwanese girlfriend didn’t sign since her cousin owns our apartment…

Interesting if what my company says is true… the police are really clamping down on us

Hmm. This requirement of proof of resident address has come and gone several times over the years. Changed address many times, sometimes been asked to provide this, sometimes not. Bureaucratic efficiency and uniformity I guess.

I never had to proof my home address when I applied for my ARC this summer. I just told them my address but didn’t show any contract or anything as far as I can remember.

But we all know this doesn’t mean much here :?


You all got it wrong. You give them the wrong address. They might ask for some kind of proof. Tell them that the dog ate the contract, but that you’ll get a new one next year. I have always been one place behind with the address on my ARC and nobody has given me any shit for that misdemeanour. I would just take it easy and go down there and settle it myself. If you get the local hr people working on that, you in general are asking for trouble.

I call our HR department … the Fish Tank

Doesn’t sound right to me.

Well, the tales I have heard about local HR people here are often unbelievable. Show them an OWP and they tell you that it’s “invalid”. When asked, some HR depts might give you a newspaper as source. When under pressure they might tell you that you are a foreigner and thet you don’t understand Taiwan. Thank god that our HR dept is much better than that.

When I lived in Taoyuan that didn’t work. Once they threw everything back in my face and said until you give us a copy of your contract or proof (a copied deed of the residence) of where you are living we don’t want to see you back here. Telling them the dog ate it would have gotten a big laugh and a shove out the door. They were real jerks a few years ago, but it has since gotten a little better from my understanding.

In Taipei I cannot even remember if they asked for it or not, I think they did, but I could be wrong…

All right, I thing I have given them my in-laws address, as it is on my wife’s huji chengben. But that hasn’t stopped me from beign a few addresses behind.