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I have been trying to sort out the differences between the Council of Labor Affairs and the Bureau of Labor Affairs. Also, I would like to know their addresses and telephone in Kaohsiung.

Since this seems like useful information to many, why not have a forum to submit information from islandwide sources and include an entry form for submission into a database. That way, people would not have to duplicate their questions and their replies.


The Taiwan News puts out a little book each year that lists most official agencies here, along with addresses and tel. nos.

Take the information offered with a large dose of salt, though, as I don’t think they have any native speakers proof it or even look at it. In fact, I don’t think anyone proofs it, or checks the entries because its usually full of errors, misspellings, etc.

Its a start, though.


The Council of Labor Affairs is a national-level Cabinet agency, and thus has its headquarters in Taipei (tel. (02) 2870-1866, ). It also has a “central office” in Taichung/Taizhong (tel. (04) 221-6711) but perhaps not one in Kaohsiung/Gaoxiong.

The Bureau of Labor Affairs is run by the city. The phone number for Kaohsiung’s is (07) 811-9799. Its website is (Chinese only).

Taipei also has such a bureau (tel. (02) 2720-8889).

This contact info. comes from the Taiwan News book, so the usual caveats apply.