ADHD/ADD Medication + Drinking

I’d like to just throw this out there for anyone who is on Adderall. If you mix it with alcohol, you will get fucked up. It’s called “dirty rolling” and it essentially mimics the effects of MDMA. I’m not sure if the effects are the same for Ritalin or Concerta since those are methylphenidates and not an amphetamine, like Adderall, but just a warning.

What it will feel like is intense euphoria, your motor skills will be at the level of “plastered, falling on your ass” drunk, your pupils will get huge, your sex drive will go through the roof–past what usually happens if you take ADHD/ADD medication long-term-- and you won’t be able to sleep.

Basically, just don’t do it. It will mess with your life. If you are on Adderall or something similar and you want to drink, don’t take your medication at least a day beforehand.

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Yes, it’s a bad idea and potentially dangerous. Don’t take this the wrong way, but usually when there’s a niche topic (like ADD/ adderall) we keep it to one thread, so perhaps just reply to the initial thread from a few days ago.

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shouldn’t one Not mix alcohol with any pills, even over-the-counter?

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Yeah, and Adderall is literally a mix of 4 amphetamines, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise I guess. Maybe someone can benefit from the warning though.

I don’t think it feels like pure MDMA at all, Unless got the bad stuff cut with amphetamines. But regardless, bad combo for the heart.

Whoa wait what?

I did both ecstasy and combining adderall/drinking in my early 20s when I was very young and stupid.

The ecstasy made me happy and emotional. The adderall mixed with drinking made me an angry, shitty person that I didn’t recognize and it scared me. It also felt terrible, since alcohol is a downer and adderall is an upper, so they counteracted. I can’t say they’re anything alike either.

If I was feeling really, really crazy and I was assured my wife wouldn’t kill me, I might do ecstacy again. But I’d never mix addies and booze.

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That’s how you’d go BACK into E?

I think I could handle schrooms now…like easily. I’m not sure my wife would even notice.

I haven’t done it in 15 years. I was a true rave kid in the late 90s and early 00s. But times change. My wife doesn’t even like me to get drunk now (according to her, “tipsy” is okay, “drunk” only on birthdays and New Years… yes, I know… under the thumb :sob: ). So I’d really have to give a very persuasive presentation about why a notorious party drug is okay to take. But that aside, I think I’d be fine.

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Well, with methylphenidate (ritalin/concerta) which I was on as a kid, the way my mum explained it was that the interaction between alcohol and the medication causes the level of alcohol in the blood to go up much higher than it would if the person hadn’t taken the medication that day. Family friend who was on ritalin drank one night when she’d taken the medication and had to get her stomach pumped in hospital.

Never did E and each and every time I saw people on it, they were messes.



Common side effect of amphetamines and meth. Sex drive is through the roof for me in a really negative way.

But it comes with a paradoxical side for many men. Stimulates like adderall are vaso constrictors. To understand why that’s bad, think viagra which is the opposite as a vasodilator which opens up your blood vessels.

Pure MDMA once in a while by itself isn’t really that bad for you if at all. Stay hydrated and keep cool and you’re fine in moderate doses from what I gathered. But unfortunately, unless you test for purity or have a great source you can trust, I wouldn’t take it again.

This again is why I think it should all be legalize. It does more harm than good if people use shady drugs from dealers who gives no fuck if you die.

I honestly don’t have much reason to use MDMA anymore. The idea of a rave is just tiring just thinking about it lol. I guess maybe if I was single, a fun way to meet ladies who are equally looking for fun.

The only thing I would like is some edibles during this lockdown to pass the time.

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I don’t think that’s right at all. The level of alcohol in the bloodstream is the amount you drink and how fast you metabolize it. If anything, I would theorize it would be lower as Ritalin would probably speed up your metabolism is the short period of time.

Getting fucked up intoxicated isn’t the Real issue unless the alcohol levels poison you. The reason you don’t do it is because Ritalin or any stimulant causes your blood vessels to constrict and your heart work harder to pump blood. While alcohol makes your vessels larger. The two contradictory effects hurt your heart.

Ironically I think if you put that to her she would agree. I think I’m figuring out that because of my diagnoses my mum thought she had to explain things in a different way to make it so I could at least semi-understand, but the way she did it just ended up giving me wrong understandings about a few different things. Maybe if she would have just worded things as though she was talking to a normal child, I would ‘get it’ more.