ADHD therapist in Taiwan


I’ve been looking around Taipei online and one thing that’s tough to gauge out is a therapist who can specialize in ADHD in English. I have a psychiatrist who can prescribe me medication and that has certainly been helpful, but the counseling aspect is an important supplement.

What have you guys found around Taipei?


My psychiatric doctor friends tell me counseling in general is difficult in Taiwan.

Maybe other people have more information.

I have ADD and have learned to cope with it for almost 4 years without any help here due to a lack of options. On the one hand it’s good as I kicked a nasty adderall habit I had developed in the states. On the other hand, some counseling would probably be helpful. Let me know if you find anything useful, but I think ADD/ADHD is poorly misunderstood and often misdiagnosed here. The best I can say is at least they’re not handing stimulants to kids like candy, I guess.

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  • Learning to cope (here in Taiwan) because lack of options
  • nasty adderal habit?
  • on the other hand counseling would be helpful

Just a suggestion here but maybe you should go try and continue to try and go here and there and other places to find help you might or might not need.

And another suggestion anybody else should do the same.

Maybe they don’t understand or know what you need or want but if you have prior history then just tell them.

Not quite sure what you mean, but I am actually okay now as I’ve developed ways to cope with it. The first year would’ve been helpful though.

I found a few clinics that specialize in ADHD. I forget where it was sorry I think it was in Xinzhu the clinic was solely built for ADHD.

Adulthood ADHD is not a big thing here. They see it as only for kids and well you know heaven forbid anything gets in the way of little Johnny not studying properly.

That said I was able to get batches of the stuff, very low dose and not long frequencies.

Maybe there is better departments at places like NTU?

I don’t have ADHD I just wanted to get high.

Be gentle

Mostly seconding what other people have said on this thread. Therapy/counselling, especially for Adult ADHD, seems to be mostly non-existent here. My psychiatrist wanted to refer me to a group therapy class somewhere in Daan district, but told me that (her words) “most of my classmates would probably be young kids” lol I never went. I was eventually referred to one psychologist and went to one session. It honestly wasn’t very helpful, so I never went back. I’ve ended up learning to just develop better coping habits since options are kinda shit here :confused:

I have witnesses ADHD ‘counseling’ sessions for kids (in NTHU Hospital) and it’s fairly far from what you would consider counseling. Doctors were keen on medication though and push that.

I know that some therapists provide treatment via Skype - know that there used to be a few people in Japan who did so but I don’t currently have contacts.

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Maybe I’ll create a new topic for this, but based on the response, I’m wondering what you all thought I could do to get an ADD/HD “support” (I guess) group, or a general meetup every once in a while to do something relaxing and chat about things. I’m sure things like this exist in general, but I know for me there’s just some things people without ADHD just will never understand.


Being ADD/ADHD is difficult because it’s poorly understood even in the West (even there there’s “truthers” who think it’s a made-up thing and we’re just “lazy”). Even my own wife doesn’t really get it. She kinda gets it, but when I forget something important she sometimes says “why can’t you be less ADD?” as if it’s something I can get rid of like a cold. So there’s no one I can really discuss it with either. I’d offer a meet-up, but unfortunately I live in Kaohsiung. If you’re ever down here and want to get a coffee though, send me a PM.

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I would be interested. Very much so

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Same here. I actually wasn’t sure it was a real thing when I was younger even though I have all the symptoms. I just assumed it’s because my classes are boring and I’ll grow out of it.

As an adult. I try so hard to pay attention. I notice it’s a huge problem paying attention for a long period of time taking 4 hours of intensive Italian. And even when I try to watch videos for my online courses, I have to keep scrolling back because my mind drifts a lot.

And I’m definitely not stupid. I get straight As. And have done well academically. Got an academic scholarship and all that. I just can’t stay focused because I get distracted so easily.

It’s frustrating. The only thing that ever worked was adderal and other drugs like it. But like you, I don’t want to take them anymore. The side effects suck.

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I would be interested. I know I can’t be the only one struggling with adult ADD.

I’ve heard of people micro dosing LSD and even Kratom helping.

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I am a hypnotherapist and I work with clients that have ADHD. Please feel free to let me know if you should have any questions / concerns that I can help you with.