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I think I have to go out and buy the Adobe Illustrator. It’s for work, anyway. We’ve played around a little with the Tryout that you can download for free. But we need the full version now.

What’s the best place to go? Huaguang Shangchang? How much do I have to expect to pay? And how do I make sure that what I get isn’t any crap version, but fully functional and, if I pay the whole price, legit? Would there be any way to get a (legit) earlier version (not too early, though)?

Any help appreciated

Call Grandtech
I think they can deliver it to you.


go to Guanghua pick the version you want try it and then decide.

There are a lot of guys outside of Guanghua having just papers on the table ask them :laughing: :laughing: but you will only the chinese version

Thanks for the hints, guys

In case anybody wants to know: We got a number of quotations from Software distributors for Illustrator 10, Chinese version ranging from NT$ 17,100 to NT$ 22,000 (and one quotation for an English version: NT$ 22,000).


Adobe Illustrator 10 PC/Mac/Eng/Chi = $20,000 - $21,000

Adobe Collection = $47,500

Illustration 10
Photoshop 7.0
InDesign 2.0
Acrobat 5.0

Sometimes they just give you a CD with something worthless on it. Better bring a notebook to check and make sure what you buy is what you get.


Seriously, I have major questions about the usefulness of Adobe Reader 7.0.

I received an important email this morning with attachments in that format. The attachments are about 100 pages in length and it appears it will take at least an hour to print them. At least; probably longer. I sent the command to the printer, it stated that it was “spooling” for about a half hour, and now it slowly, grudingly spitting out hte pages, one every 3 minutes, while my colleagues continue to wait for their print jobs that they sent to the printer 40 minutes ago, just behind me. He he he.

That seems so incredibly lame and unacceptable, I can’t believe there aren’t other formats that are vastly superior and Adobe would have been abandoned and driven out of business long ago.

Am I missing something?

Yes… Adobe is awesome. Might not be the Adobe software that’s the problem with slow printing.

In any event, PDF format rules and luckily there are other options out there now that works just as well. One PDF vendor has a server based solution!

Taiwan is a place where Adobe should rock… so much efficiency and effectiveness improvement can be had with Acrobat if they’d just …