Adolf Hitler elected in Namibia

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Ok, who had “Hitler returns” for December?


I learned a new word :blush:

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The challenge now is to correctly use it in your next article. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What sort of unhinged parent names their kid “Adolf Hitler”?

Oh … wait. I guess Namibian parents who have big ambitions for their kids.

So… is Hitler his middle name then?

Darn, plastic surgery is good nowadays. Here comes the Fourth Reich!

And now Stalin. I wonder if he will appeal to those on the left:

The article says his name is MK Stalin. Why does the headline say Joseph Stalin? :idunno:

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Silly minor details aren’t of much interest to some people.

The Mail needs more finesse in its clickbait.

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I was speaking about @cake, but yeah, The Mail, too.


No surprise from you. Fighting people in bars, always negative, scorning people in public not wearing masks. Depressing mindset.

Twenty years ago. We all make mistakes.
And it was outside the bar.

Not really. I’m usually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I suffer fools at their peril.

I’m usually pretty optimistic and upbeat. I’ve stopped listening to Jacques Brel in the morning.

And his name isn’t Joseph Stalin, if that eluded your keen senses.

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