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We are looking for a home/foster home for Kahlua 我們正在替卡魯哇找家/寄養家庭 :
Sex : Male (desexed)
Age (Birth) : about 2008/Nov
Breed : Taiwan Mixed with brown tiger pattern
Feature : Short hair, tall and has pointy ears, might mixed with German shepherd
Health : had shots of 8 in 1 and Hydrophobia (rabies).
Diet : Kirkland, also likes carrots as a treat.
Character: Loving, playful, but insecure (We were guessing that he was abused before we saved him) loves to fetch, and licks to show his friendliness. Kahlua is trained to pee/poop on the grass outdoors, walks with leash on.
性別 : 公(已結紮)
年齡(生日) : 推算 2008/11月
品種 : 台灣混種,棕虎斑
特徵 : 短毛,腳長,尖耳朵,應該有混到德國狼犬
健康狀況 : 已接種八合一,狂犬病疫苗
飲食 : 好市多狗飼料, 喜歡啃蘿蔔當零嘴
個性: 愛撒嬌,愛玩,但也很膽小,(我們推測曾經被虐待過)風拍打門窗的聲音會讓他緊張地來回踱步; 喜歡玩你丟我撿,也很愛舔人表示友好.卡魯哇已被訓練到室外的草皮大小便,蹓的時候帶牽繩.
When we took Bailey (our other Dog) out for a walk around our new place in Taipei city, we met Kahlua who was 6 months old and was being bullied by other stray dogs around that neighborhood. We could not take him but he was following us. There were many mean stray dogs around, so we took him home to clean him up. The next day we took him to the other communities that were around and asked if anyone had lost him, but the answer was negative. When we were looking after him, we noticed that Kahlua had a great fear of male voices, and was very insecure. We assumed that he was abused and perhaps escaped from whoever owned him before. We spent almost a year to help his insecurity and is now very playful and cuddly. We are looking for a home that has enough room for Kahlua to exercise, or someone who can walk him often; the more interaction between you and Kahlua (especially during walks) the closer he will be to you. With your patience and love, Kahlua will definitely love you back…… More!
We are leaving Taiwan in July, if you know anyone who might be interested in adopting him or wants to be his foster family, please let us know, and it would be very nice of you if you can share this information, we appreciate for your help!

我們猜測他有被虐待過,甚至可能是逃跑出來的; 我們花了一年的時間幫助他,讓他從一個甚麼都害怕,一緊張就四處撒尿的狗狗,變成現在愛玩,愛撒嬌的狗狗.

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