ADOPTED : Gorgeous kittens

I have 4 one-month old kittens available for adoption. They are all beautiful and they look healthy.
One is orange (male).
One is gray stripes (female).
Two are black (one male and one female).

Pm me or e-mail me at or phone me 0930590451 if you would like to meet the kitties.

The kittens are doing very well. They all have good appetites. They are quite active. They like to explore and play with Floyd (5-month old cat). I should say Floyd likes to play with them. Floyd thinks it’s Christmas - I am not sure if he realizes that the kittens are cats and not toys.

I think the picture with “gimme 5” should be “Now which finger should i be using?”

Like this one?

More pictures

Today, Orange Boy was euthanized. He had megaesophagus - enlargement of the esophagus. We did the best we could for him but he reached the point where he would regurgitate all of his food.

The other 3 kittens are doing very well. They will go to the vet for a check up in the next 3 days.

I will take the kittens to Grandma Nitti’s tomorrow. That is where we have our flea market every Sunday. I will be there from about 4-8pm. So, if you would like to meet these adorable kittens, come over to Grandma Nitti’s to take a look.

They have been de-wormed and got their first 5-in-1 vaccination shots.
More photos will follow soon.

All 3 of them are on trial periods for adoption. Let’s hope it works out.

The 2 females went to one home and the male went to another where there is already another cat.

The 3 siblings had a reunion about 3 weeks ago when we all met to sign adoption contracts. The 2 black kittens played together almost immediately while the gray kitten was more wary of the black boy, now named Shaun.